The Harlan Cleveland Award for Excellence in International Policy Issues 2017: 
Yifei Dong

Yifei Dong 2017

This year’s recipient is Yifei Dong. He is combining his major in International Relations with a major in Political Science and a minor in Economics.  For the major in International Relations, Yifei’s topic concentration is International Security and Diplomacy and his geographic region concentration is Asia, with a focus on East Asia.  He has interned with the Peace Council Nuclear-Free World Committee here in Syracuse as well as the International Institute for Strategic Studies during his semester in our Maxwell-in-Washington International Relations Semester.  Yifei is in our Distinction program and his distinction capstone project is an econometric analysis of Chinese arms sales.  Dr. Ryan Williams, Director of our DC Program, noted that Yifei is an “Absolutely terrific student” who “wrote thoroughly researched papers and was always deeply engaged in the subject matter,” asked thoughtful questions and made insightful comments, and had “a most positive and enthusiastic attitude” in engaging with US foreign and security policy issues.  He also studied US foreign policy with Dr. Matt Bonham and researched UN policy priorities for the countries he represented as a member of our Model United Nations Team in Spring 2016, Fall 2016, and Spring 2017.