GPE Courses Abroad


GPE Courses Abroad
Beijing, China
Section Title
ECN 480 International Economics II
Florence, Italy
Section Title
ECN/GEO 380 Environment and Development
ECN 480 International Economics II
IRP 480.2 Human Development and International Cooperation
Hong Kong, China
Section Title
ECN 364 International Economic Relations
PSC 425  Hong Kong in the World Political Economy 
London, United Kingdom
Section Title
ECN 362 Globalization, Development and the Environment
Istanbul, Turkey
Section Title
ECN 380 Political Economy of Capitalism
ECN 480.2 International Economics
IRP 380.29  International Political Economy 
PSC 380.2 Politics of Oil and Energy
Madrid, Spain
Section Title
ECN 365 The World Economy
Santiago, Chile
Section Title
ECN 380.3 International Economics
ECN 380.4 Political Economics
ECN/GEO 380 Economic Geography
IRP 380.8 Intro to International Economic Policy