The following page reflects the participants of the past 2017 program, to give you a sense of participants the Leadership Institute typically attracts. We will update the page with a profile of the 2019 participants as they become available.....

Transnational NGO Leadership Institute 2017 Participants
Salah Abu Eisheh

Salah Abu Eisheh 

Salah Abu Eisheh is the Country Director of the Palestine Office at the Near East Foundation located in Nablus, Palestine. Eisheh has managed all donor funded projects implemented by NEF since 2004. He holds a BSc in Agriculture and a MBA in Business Administration from An-Najah National University in Nablus. As Country Director, Eisheh oversees the design, implementation, monitoring and reporting for NEF’s programs throughout the West Bank. He is currently coordinating three programs to promote cross-border agricultural partnerships, conflict management, mitigation and reconciliation through agricultural coordination and development in Israel and in the West Bank. Additionally, he is involved in a business development program for youth that aims to create income generating activities for young Palestinian men and women.

Paul Brockman

Paul Brockmann

Paul Brockmann has worked since 2005 with international humanitarian medical organization Médecins sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders). Most recently he was head of mission in Haiti (2015-2017) and Papua New Guinea (2012-2014). In late 2014, he launched a short-term project in Sierra Leone to help train and prepare management teams from other organizations to safely and effectively manage Ebola patient care. He will return to Sierra Leone as head of mission for two months from July-September, 2017- and is interested to experience first-hand what’s changed since 2014.

Paul’s core management, professional, and personal interests are linked to MSF’s mandate to preserve life, restore dignity and alleviate suffering. How can we motivate, lead and guide multi-disciplinary teams to develop their best efforts toward those ends in a world where opportunity and resources are so unevenly available? And do so in a way that continues without constant management re-intervention?

Ramaswami BalasubramaniamDr. Ramaswami Balasubramaniam (Balu)

Dr. Ramaswami Balasubramaniam (Balu) is a development activist, public policy advocate and author who is a physician by qualification.  After his MD, he earned his MPhil in Hospital Administration & Health Systems Management from BITS, Pilani. He has a Masters in Public Administration from the Harvard Kennedy School. At the age of 19, he founded the Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement based on the principles of Ahimsa (non-violence), Satya (Truth), Seva (Service) and Tyaga (Sacrifice) building it into India’s leading development NGO. He has spent the last 33 years of his life in the service of the rural and tribal poor in the forests of India and Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement today runs more than 50 projects reaching nearly two and half million people across the state of Karnataka. 

Lecturing & teaching regularly at Cornell University and other reputed Business schools on Leadership, he is also the distinguished Frank Rhodes Professor at Cornell University. As the Vigilance Director, he has assisted the Lok Ayukta (the anti-corruption agency), Karnataka in investigating issues of mal-administration and corruption. He consults on various National and International Agencies and travels widely within and outside the country promoting the concept of participatory sustainable development. He is a Tata Scholar, a Mason Fellow of the Harvard Kennedy School and a Fellow at the Hauser Center for Civil Society, Harvard University.  

He has authored 5 books and his currently researching into the leadership lessons contained in ancient Indian books and philosophy.

Julie Verhaar

Julie Verhaar

Julie joined Amnesty International as their first Senior Director of Global Fundraising and Engagement at the end of 2014. As a member of the Senior Leadership Team she takes collective responsibility for the leadership, management and development of the organization. An important part of this is managing integration of functions and ensure coherence across different functional areas. Furthermore she is responsible for the rolling out Amnesty’s global fundraising strategy. Providing strategic leadership and driving results to meet the ambitious income target of €400 million by 2020 (actual results 2015 €275 million), alongside growing the International Membership (in countries where Amnesty does not have physical presence) on-line from 50.000 by end of 2015 to 2.5 million by 2020. She and her team support Amnesty International sections and structures worldwide in developing and enhancing their Fundraising and membership activities. Before that she worked with UNICEF International for four years, developing and providing strategic advice, leadership and support to their Global Fundraising Services team and to their 60 national committees and country offices. At Greenpeace International, she was the Head of Global Fundraising. From 2003-2008, she worked as the Fundraising Director, for the Netherlands Red Cross, where she built up the fundraising unit. Julie has global experience across a wide range of markets and fundraising disciplines and was responsible for a number of innovative cross media campaigns, integrate and develop fundraising activities across the national and regional offices worldwide.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Flora Alexander

Flora Alexander

Flora Alexander is Chief of Staff at Save the Children UK, and sits on the Executive Leadership Team. Her role is to advise on and drive the CEO’s agenda and priorities, and lead his communications and stakeholder engagement strategy. Flora also has responsibility for overseeing the Centenary Commitments – 3 new organizational goals as Save the Children approaches its 100th anniversary in 2019 – which are to tackle pneumonia, deliver early learning, and protect children in conflict. Additionally, Flora has responsibility for managing the Board of Trustees, and for overseeing internal communications to Save the Children UK’s 1,100 staff. Prior to this, Flora held various roles across Save the Children including Director of Corporate and External Affairs, and Head of Government Relations. Key achievements include leading Save the Children’s campaign which resulted in a new law committing the UK government to spending 0.7% of national income on aid, and securing political commitments to resume search and rescue operations in the Mediterranean and to resettle refugee children in the UK. Before joining Save the Children, Flora worked as Development Director for tech start-up Horsesmouth, as Head of Skills Policy for think tank Policy Connect, and as a labour market policy researcher for the UK Government. She has a degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from Oxford University.

Victor KoyiVictor Koyi

Victor is a Regional Director with ChildFund International USA operating out of Lusaka, Zambia. He oversees the East and Southern Africa sub-region. He is an impact and value driven leader with a reputation of inspiring and investing in people to achieve results. He is a proven senior leader with a concrete track record of broad and deep conceptual thinking balanced with demonstrated achievements of targets.   

He has devoted two decades of his professional life in the development sector as a country and regional team leader.  He currently serves as a member of the ChildFund International global operations leadership team. He holds a Master of Business Administration Degree and is a fellow of the Institute of Professional and Financial Managers of the United Kingdom.  

Victor has served on a number of Boards - as Chairperson of the Zambia National Education Coalition (ZANEC), Treasurer of the Zambia Malaria Foundation (ZMF) and Board Member of the Zambia Alliance for Safe Motherhood.  His recent past board assignment was with INSIDENGO in DC from July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2017. 

Mireille Dika Mireille Dika

I am currently the Country Rep of Lebanon Head of Office with Near East Foundation. I was born on a nice sunny day, October 7, 1984 in a very nice part of Lebanon, Baalbek, City of The Sun. I lived my whole life in Lebanon, moved with my parents between cities and villages and had the opportunity to meet new people and learn from experiences throughout the years.

Studied Architecture and English literature at the Lebanese University, and before graduating, I decided to join a local organization working on social and emergency response, as a volunteer. It took only one week in this field to discover how passionate I am about it. Graduated from the university, I decided that the humanitarian, social and development world is where I want to be, to learn and to give.

In 2007, I had my first real job as a Field Coordinator with an INGO and had the opportunity to work with farmers, local community members, but also with ministers and parliament members which gave me a good picture on how things work and I was always hungry to learn more. This is when I believed that Nobody can do everything, but Everybody can do something.

Throughout the jobs I have held with different organizations, I had been given the opportunities and chances by people who supervised me but also from people who were at the top leadership to grow and learn fast and hold responsibilities at an early years of experience. I have been able in just few years of experience to manage a team of 550 staff members running programs with a total of 32 m US dollars. This is where I learnt, experimented and provided support and coaching the most. Learning the difference between a manager and a leader was the most interesting and challenging thing.

My passion for my domain of work is extremely deep. After 10 years of experience, holding a Country Director position for INGOs for the past 4 years, I look so much forward from what I am going to learn from colleagues I am or will work with and from the people whom our job is to support.

Danxi Shen Danxi Shen

Danxi Shen is currently Deputy Secretary General at Sany Foundation, leading its grantmaking and action research work, as well as overseeing the operations of 3ESPACE, a coworking incubator and event hub for social innovators. Prior to Sany Foundation, Danxi led partnership development at Harvard SEED for Social Innovation (now a registered fund at Shanghai Adream Foundation), a network for China’s new generation of social sector leaders. Before working full-time in the non-profit sector, Danxi conducted extensive research in education policy and innovation, specifically on digital learning investment in Mexico, global
higher education at Shorelight Education and Northeastern University, as well as active learning and teaching at Harvard Derek Bok Center. Danxi holds a Ed.M. from Harvard Graduate School of Education, and has studied international human rights and linguistics at Peking University, Waseda University, and Beijing Foreign Studies University. She is also founder of Dean D’Art, a volunteer organization that has brought drama and arts education to over 300 migrant children in Beijing, and currently sits on the board of Beijing Deqing Charitable Foundation.

Boya Yang Boya Yang

Boya Yang is a psychologist and teacher, which is crucial to how she helps students and the difference she makes in their lives. Boya helps vulnerable students by offering psychological information and guidance to both parents and adolescents, supports parental-child communication and provides appropriate services or referral.

In the past three years Boya has set up a centre in her school to get teenage girls professional advice and support. She has established a group of teachers at local schools to implement personal and social education, supporting psychology education lectures in schools, even a prison, which have reached and helped more than 50,000 teenagers, teachers, and parents. Yang has also developed psychology courses to help raise student awareness and empowerment.

She has spoken at national conferences, been interviewed in the media about her work and is a 2016 Fellow at Harvard SEED for Social Innovation. She would use the prize funds to allow students and specialists to participate in her program, promote the integration of education and psychology, and spread the model of her centre more widely within China.

Betty MissokiaBetty Missokia

Betty Missokia has over 17 years of experience in organizational and institutional capacity development, program management, gender, basic and girls’ education issues. For over seven years, she served as the Executive Director of HakiElimu, a Tanzanian education and democracy rights citizen advocacy organization based in Dar es Salaam. Prior to this she worked as a Gender Advisor and Program Management Specialist with USAID and as a Project Manager for the Basic and Girls’ Education Unit of CARE International in Tanzania. She is currently consulting with Miske Witt and Associate Inc, supporting Ministry of Education in Tanzania to conduct gender analysis for the education sector and develop a strategic program for gender mainstreaming. Betty has served in various boards in and outside Tanzania. She is currently an Advisory Member for Firelight Foundation. 

Genevieve Fitzgibbon

Genevieve Fitzgibbon

Genevieve Fitzgibbon is the Deputy Director for Keystone Human Services International (KHSI), and member of the senior leadership group of Keystone Human Services (KHS), of which KHSI is a subsidiary. She has over two decades of experience in the development of innovative supports for people with intellectual disability, autism, and those who use mental health services. Genevieve has devoted her professional career to the inclusion of people with disability, and the fight for recognition of equal rights for all people, especially those who are most deeply marginalized. Throughout the world, people with disability experience a quality of life much below that of typical citizens. For many, these experiences include complete segregation from their community. Genevieve’s current focus is supporting the establishment and implementation of Keystone Institute India, a national educational institute on disability, community, and innovation aimed at strengthen the inclusion of people with disability in community life. Genevieve was deeply involved in the formative stages of Keystone’s ongoing work in the Republic of Moldova, and has provided guidance and oversight to inclusion consultation activities in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Romania, and Russia. Prior to Keystone, Genevieve worked at the University of Illinois at Chicago’s Center on Mental Health Services Research and Policy, housed in the College of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry. She has published and presented on a number of related topics, including evidence-based practices in mental health and rehabilitation, recovery self-management, and community-based supports; advance directives for mental health care; self-determination and technology utilization; school to work transitioning for youth with emotional/behavioral challenges; and participatory action research methodologies. Genevieve has a specific interest in disability policy and systems issues, advocacy and rights-based approaches, program assessment and design, and individualized planning methodologies.

Dr. Dorothy Morgos- Regional Staff Counselor-UNICEF

Summer Burke- Capacity Development Advisor- ADRA

Yamins Perez EspinelYasmin Perez Espinel- Director of Program Finance Management - ADRA

Yasmin Perez is the Director for Program Finance Management at ADRA International. She has been working in program finance for the last 10 years with ADRA in Yemen, Haiti, Colombia, and currently in the United States, and with Save the Children in Yemen. Before joining the humanitarian world, Yasmin had the opportunity to serve private construction companies and the government sector in different roles in finance; combining those with her passion as university lecturer in Colombia, South America. Yasmin enjoys reading, talking to people and creating policies, procedures and systems to help organizations to thrive. She feels most successful when sharing with colleagues and students any opportunity to create new things and experience new challenges. In the future, Yasmin hopes to make an impact in her community by finding new ways to ensure that finance teams are well trained and confident. Her most pressing challenge right now is to find a solution to help finance professionals like her to stop wasting time finding formula errors in Excel Budgets. She hopes it’s solved by the end of 2017.

Juan Maya Manuel- Development Manager- MSF Mexico