Frequently Asked Questions

What is the focus of the Transnational NGO Leadership Institute?

The Leadership Institute is an annually re-occurring five day executive training program for incoming leaders of NGOs or network that operate transnationally, across national boundaries.

For whom is it meant? 

It is intended for leaders who currently work at the second tier of decision making within their organizations and wish to prepare themselves for transition towards top leadership.

Why this focus?

NGO processes for securing and transitioning high quality leadership are underdeveloped. Strikingly, second tier leadership is often overlooked in leadership forums. Incoming leaders are also much less networked than top leaders, and are surprisingly rarely considered for top positions. The Transnational NGO Leadership Institute addresses this specific gap.

What are the program topics? 

The program focuses on five ‘leap issues’ that incoming leaders need to be aware of if they make the leap from second tier to top leadership: Leading in a Complex Context; Organizational Governance, Change and Design; Collaboration, Partnership and Collaborative Governance; Politics, Power and Influence; and Strategic Resource Mobilization, Allocation and Management. In addition, participants will receive extensive and individualized leadership assessment services.

By whom is it offered? 

The Institute is offered by the Maxwell School at Syracuse University, a top-rated public affairs and management school in the USA.

Where and when will it take place? 

The Leadership Institute will take place in Syracuse, New York state, USA, approximately 280 miles north-west of New York City. The dates are October 1-6, 2017.

What are the costs? 

The training fee is $2750 for the five day program. In addition, participants will be expected to pay for their own travel, room and board. Room and board will cost approximately $840. Limited, partial scholarships will be extended to eligible applicants from organizations founded in the Global South. The application deadline for applicants seeking scholarship is TBD.

How do I apply?

Please submit the application form which you can access through the homepage. The deadline to submit the application is 30th March 2017 for the early bird rate, 31st July 2017 for the regular rate, and 1st September 2017 for the late registration rate.