Leadership Institute Application

Please read a

ll of the following prior to filling out the application:

  1. It is important that you give thoughtful, detailed responses, and that you fill in the application yourself.  If you are accepted to the Institute, your answers will be used to conduct a personal leadership style assessment, for which your application answers will be analyzed. Therefore, we ask that you respond to some of the questions (identified below) in at least 500 words and that you include full sentences and not bullet points.

  2. Due to the possibility of unforeseen loss of internet or browser crash, please work on your longer responses in a word processor. When you have completed your responses to satisfactory degree, you may then copy and paste your responses into the below form.

  3. Please note that the Leadership Institute serves the specific leadership transition needs of rising leaders in NGOs or networks that operate transnationally, across national borders. This includes NGOs and networks that work in two countries or more, within a region or globally. Leaders who work in NGOs or networks that work entirely domestically, within one country and that are not linked to transnational or regional networks, are not eligible.

Personal Information   


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Organization Information 


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Job Title

Job Sector


Job Sector (if other)

Countries/Regions in which your organization has programs 

Type of activities your organization undertakes.  (Please indicate all applicable activities)



Please describe the type of Hybrid activity (if applicable)


Website address

Estimated Annual budget

(Budget for your affiliate/member org)
     (Budget for greater organization)       

Is your organization a member of another (con) federation, network or alliance (mention names)?


Number of paid staff

(Number working in your affiliate/member org)
 (Number working in greater organization)                                                             

Number of volunteers

 (Number working in your affiliate/member org)
 (Number working in greater org)                                                             

Person in charge of executive development in your NGO/Network (if any)

 Please explain how your organization works across borders.


What skills and insights do you hope to gain by participating in the Transnational NGO Leadership Institute?  What do you hope to do with the executive training that you will receive? (500 words or more)


Using specific examples, please describe your leadership experiences in each of the following four areas:

(500 words or more)

  • Managing people
  • Leading organizational change
  • Setting the culture and values of the organization
  • Engagement in politics/power relationships, both internal and external to the organization
Using a specific example, please identify a crisis  situation (internal or external) with which you were involved. (500 words or more)
  • Indicate your role
  • Please discuss how you dealt with various actors
  • Please describe how you personally evaluate the outcome.

 Position Information


Describe your current duties and responsibilities, including information about the number of people that you supervise and budget that you oversee.


Job title of person to whom you report

In what ways do you believe the program can be most useful for you and your organization?


Please describe the two or three most pressing challenges you face as a leader at your current level of responsibility in your organization? In addition, what do you perceive to be the challenges you will face as a top leader in your organization or sector, and how will they be different from your current experiences? (500 words or more)


 Billing, payment and cancellation information  


Indicate the person to whom the invoice should be directed if you are accepted in the program


If you are a candidate from a Global South Founded NGO, do you wish to be considered for a scholarship toward tuition? (Deadline for scholarship consideration: March 1, 2019.) 

Please indicate how you first learned about this program



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