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New Program on Leadership and Management of INGO Coalitions, Alliances and Networks (Currently Under Design)


This concept note reflects new program development under the Leadership Institute that is currently under design.  The program date is yet to be determined. For inquires, contact Tosca Bruno-van Vijfeijken at 1 (315) 443-5073 or  


“Leading and Managing INGO coalitions, alliances and networks: Leading when you are not in charge"

Are you leading or involved in a cross-organizational coalition, alliance or network consisting of (among others) INGOs, and wondering whether the time and effort you and your organization invest in such a coalition is worth your while? Do you wonder whether you have the right organizations in the room with you and whether you have set the correct aims or targets? Do you wonder what you need in terms of effective governance, leadership and management arrangements for your collaborative structure? Do you have trouble articulating how the network should evaluate its efforts? Or are you a donor who increasingly wants your grantees to work collaboratively towards greater collective impact but you observe that leadership and management capacities of such networks are sometimes lacking? Then this leadership development program is for you!  

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