Adam Weinberg, President, Denison University

“Over the next few years, a generation of INGO Presidents will retire, creating opportunities for VPs to make the leap. We need programs that prepare them to do so successfully. The Maxwell School is uniquely positioned to do so.”

Adriano Campolina, Country Director, ActionAid Brazil

“It was a great privilege to attend the Executive Program in Transnational NGOs Leadership and Governance at Syracuse University, which broadened and strengthened my perspective on NGO´s leadership. The program provided a very good opportunity to deepen the understanding of various aspects of NGOs, from leadership styles and practice, leading and managing change, promoting collaboration and communicating a vision. The design allowed interaction with scholars, practitioners and a well selected group of colleagues, all dealing with leadership. This format enabled a good balance between academic analysis and data, and the experience and knowledge of leaders that led in-depth organizational changes. Attending this program allowed me to better perform my current leadership role and also strengthened my capacity to take new and broader roles.”

Anupama Jha, Executive Director, India Chapter of Transparency International

“The course offers opportunities to interact, understand and learn from different TNGO leaders.  The course enabled me to understand myself better and hopefully enhance my leadership skills.”

Aroma Dutta, Executive Director, PRIP Trust 

“This very unique, tailor-made course has been extremely rewarding for me to enrich my level of knowledge and has further enhanced my ability to analyze concepts as well as my experiences.  The course topics offered by the resource persons made this workshop unique, a very powerful method.  This course is one of a kind in the world for building capacities.”

Bhekinkosi Moyo, Director of Programs, TrustAfrica 

“Spending a week with some of the leading CEOs of the world's cutting edge TNGOs-most of which have weathered wild storms in organisational change is an opportunity that I cannot trade for anything. This is an important initiative by Syracuse that contributes immensely to new global leadership of TNGOs.”

Bjarne Pedersen, Global Director, Consumers International

"The weeklong TNGO leadership journey created the space for me to reflect and enhance my leadership skills.  The learning was just the right balance between theroetical knowledge sharing, practitioner insights and invaluable networking.  I came away with very tangible skills and insights that both added value to and benefitted my organization as well as my personal development and leadership leaps."

Inge Wallage, Former Communications Director, Greenpeace International

"In our world of continuous change and in our quest for a sustainable world, we need to further step up our game. What role do leaders play in this? The Leadership training put together by the TNGO Leadership Institute allowed me to step back, analyze and discuss key insights from successes and failures in the NGO world and the role of leaders in this. The training combined insights into both leadership styles and strategic management. The training confirmed for me that leadership matters and that connecting with the right stakeholders is key." 

Joel R. Charny, Vice President for Humanitarian Policy and Practice, InterAction

“The Transnational NGO Leadership Institute provides a challenging environment for TNGO leaders to reflect on their potential contributions to the sector. It is an ideal combination of academic discussions and consideration of practical cases in an open environment with thoughtful and experienced colleagues.”

Kathryn Bolles, Senior Director, Save the Children's Emergency Health and Nutrition Team

“The TNGO Leadership Institute not only offered me substantive theory and practice to succeed in a leadership role in my organization, but also introduced me to a truly inspiring and diverse group of participants.  The TNGO LI facilitators were experienced in both their own leadership of the course and the behind-the-scenes efforts that enabled us to have a rich and stimulating course.  I look forward to the weeks and months ahead to put these learning into practice." 

Lindsay Coates, Former President, InterAction

“Very few programs are offered to those who might be uncertain about making a leadership leap to the top tier. Most programs seem to assume that everyone inevitably and relentlessly seeks to climb up a ladder.  At the Leadership Institute, participants are encouraged in a structured way to both reflect on themselves as leaders and are given excellent simulations that allow you to contemplate the challenges that leaders often confront.  This combination, pursued with fellow travelers from all over the world, was a real opportunity to step away from my day to day and think of myself in a new way. While this can be useful for anyone, it is particularly empowering for women who may not as readily see themselves as leaders and can be more cautious about “making the leap.” The program helped me realize that even for those who are hesitant to climb a ladder, if you are a fit to meet the challenge, it’s time to make that leap!" 

Michelle Higelin, Country Director, ActionAid Australia

“The TNGO Leadership Institute was an enriching experience, personally and professionally. It is a unique opportunity to learn about your preferred leadership style and to develop a suite of tools for responding to the challenges of leadership in an international environment. The strengths of the program are its ability to combine theory with practice and the chance to develop professional peer networks from a wide variety of NGOs. The Institute affirms that leadership must be guided by vision, integrity and focus. It has taught me to conceptualize issues from a broader frame; and that it is incumbent on the next generation of TNGO leaders to build legitimacy and foster collaboration in responding to the major issues of our time.” 

Placide Tapsoba, Senior Associate and Ghana Country Director, Population Council

"This TNGO training was what I consider a life changing experience; the content together with the pedagogic approach to the training translated by various forms of group discussions, make its unique. We have come out transformed for life.  I have learned things I will apply to my professional life within my organization and also to my personal life. I have reported the greatness of the training to my institutional leadership and have asked to continue to send more of our colleagues from the field, convinced this training will create more effective and productive teams for the organization and ultimately for the people we serve in the field. This will be a memorable event for long time. Once again, I would like to thank you so much for all the learning."

Samuel A. Worthington, President & CEO, InterAction

“You help key leaders in our community think and grow professionally, which is a great service.”

Shamim Imam, Director of Capacity Development, Manusher Johno Foundation

“Leaders cannot be made but can be shaped.  It is a great experience to attend the ‘Leap’ program of the Transnational NGO Leadership Institute through practical sharing among leaders who are successful in this ever-changing scenario of the development world.”

Siriu Cao, Program Officer, Global Environmental Institute 

"It was definitely a great privilege to attend the TNGO program. I’m still early in my career but am experiencing great changes within and outside of my organization for the NGO sector in China is still in the developing stage. This program is organized really well and offers very useful information for executive and managerial level people to use. I indeed believe that I am better prepped to lead changes in my area of work."

Steven G. Stirling, President and CEO, MAP International

“Leaders need to create the space to invest in ourselves so we can continue to grow.  The Leadership Institute at the Maxwell School at Syracuse University for the TNGO Initiative provided a good framework and tools for me to improve as a leader on a personal level and address strategic leadership issues at an organizational level.  The formal presentations and case study discussions provided a good balance of learning and an opportunity to apply that learning.  Colleagues from a diverse group of TNGOs provided interesting and valuable insight on issues we face as TNGO leaders.”

Susan W. Hayes, Former President and CEO, ReSurge International 

“ It can be a challenge to convince founders, boards, and search committees that to best provide leadership for an organization, you need someone who has the skills and perspective to lead. 'Speaking the same language' as our board members from the for-profit business world can be difficult; to know how to think and plan strategically; to understand the essentials of management.  The Transnational NGO Leadership Institute offered me and members of my senior leadership team the chance to learn that information and hone those skills."

Teresa Crawford, Executive Director – Social Sector Accelerator, Counterpart International

“I came to the TNGO Leadership Institute contemplating making a leadership leap within my own organization. The topics, discussion and presentation reaffirmed that my organization and I are still a great fit and there is a lot of room for growth in my current position. I came away with new tools, connections, ideas and insights which enable me to get more out of my work and improve my performance. I strongly encourage others who are considering a leadership leap – whether to another organization or within their own organization – to consider participating in the TNGO Leadership Institute."