Transnational NGO Leadership Institute Participant Data and Evaluation Results


Participant Demographics

Participant Numbers

Number of participants per year
Year Number of Participants
2011 16
2012 16
2013 18
2014 14
2016 18
2017 15


Gender breakdown of participants
Gender Total Participants Percentage
Women 55 56.7%
Men 42 43.3%


Location breakdown of participants
Location Total Numbers Percentage
Global North 55 56.7%
Global South 42 43.3%


Regional breakdown of participants
Region Total Numbers Percentage
Global 48 49.5%
Latin America 12 12.4%
South Asia 10 12.4%
MENA 11 11.3%
Africa 8 8.3%
Asia 7 7.2%
Europe 1 1.0%


Sector breakdown of participants
Sector Total Numbers Percentage
Development 29 29.9%
Human Rights 13 13.4%
Health 9 9.3%
Governance/Democracy 6 6.2%
Civil Society 5 5.2%
Environment 4 4.1%
Development/Advocacy 6 6.2%
Humanitarian 7 7.2%
Other 11 11.3%

Participant Evaluation Data

Participant evaluation data breakdown
Year/Total Excellent Good Satisfactory/Fair Did not answer Total Number of Participants
2011 No Data No Data No Data No Data 16
2012 8 7 1 0 18
2013 10 5 1 2 18
2014 11 3 0 0 14
2016 14 4 0 0 18
2017 8 3 1 0 15
Total 51 22 3 4 66


“I would thoroughly recommend the Transnational NGO Leadership Institute for all those in senior positions in INGOs who are keen to make the transition into top organisational leadership. I got a lot out of the opportunity to spend a full week focusing on leadership style and working through the challenge of leading ambitious change in the INGO space. The training was expert and practical, and there were great opportunities for peer learning among our diverse international cohort."

Flora Alexander, Chief of Staff, The Save the Children Fund UK 

“The Transnational NGO Leadership Institute provides a challenging environment for TNGO leaders to reflect on their potential contributions to the sector. It is an ideal combination of academic discussions and consideration of practical cases in an open environment with thoughtful and experienced colleagues.”

Joel R. Charny, Vice President for Humanitarian Policy and Practice, InterAction

"In our world of continuous change and in our quest for a sustainable world, we need to further step up our game. What role do leaders play in this? The Leadership training put together by the TNGO Leadership Institute allowed me to step back, analyze and discuss key insights from successes and failures in the NGO world and the role of leaders in this. The training combined insights into both leadership styles and strategic management. The training confirmed for me that leadership matters and that connecting with the right stakeholders is key."

 Inge Wallage, Communications Director, Greenpeace International

"The TNGO Leadership Institute is one of the few programs in the world tailor made for NGO leaders.  Apart from preparing them to acquire the skillsets and the tools needed to take the next large step in their leadership journey, it also helps strengthen partnerships amidst like minded NGO leaders wanting to make this world a better place."   

Ramaswami Balasubramaniam, Founder, Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement  

“I came to the TNGO Leadership Institute contemplating making a leadership leap within my own organization. The topics, discussion and presentation reaffirmed that my organization and I are still a great fit and there is a lot of room for growth in my current position. I came away with new tools, connections, ideas and insights which enable me to get more out of my work and improve my performance. I strongly encourage others who are considering a leadership leap – whether to another organization or within their own organization – to consider participating in the TNGO Leadership Institute."

 Teresa Crawford, Director of Int'l Programs, Partners for Democratic Change