Who Should Attend the Transnational NGO Leadership Institute?

The Leadership Institute serves the specific leadership transition needs of incoming, rising leaders currently working at the second tier of responsibility in NGOs or networks that operate transnationally, across national borders. This includes NGOs and networks that work in two countries or more, within a region or globally. Leaders who work in NGOs or networks that work entirely domestically, within one country, are not eligible.

In addition, the Leadership Institute focuses on leaders who work at a level in their organizations just below the top level, in a 'second tier' leadership capacity.

Examples of eligible leaders are:

  • People currently working in top or senior management teams, at the second tier of operations and management in transnational NGOs and networks;
  • People who work in ‘internationalized’ or global sections of organizations, such as International Secretariats, Global Headquarters and Regional Headquarters;
  • People with positions such as (Senior) Vice President, Assistant Secretary General, Deputy Executive Director, Regional Director, Chief Operating Officer, Senior Director of Campaigns, Programs or Development, etc;
  • Directors of NGO Country Offices who also have international or regional mandates; and
  • Leaders of major nationally operated NGOs whose organizations are also linked to regional or transnational networks.