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  • leadership institute 2017

    Thank you to all of the participants, practitioner contributors and Maxwell facilitators for making the 2017 Leadership Institute possible. More information about future programs will be forthcoming. Thank you!

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    Membership options are now available for the 2018 Leadership Institute. Join Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) and the Transnational NGO Initiative, and build a healthier NGO leadership field!

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  • Future leaders focused on obtaining top transnational NGO leadership positions and executives building a succession plan for their organization carefully consider what is necessary to make a successful leadership “leap”.  The Transnational NGO Leadership Institute welcomes global NGO professionals to upstate New York, USA, for a five-day, intensive and interdisciplinary program to gain skills to make this leadership “leap.”

    What are the leadership “leaps”?

    The program will address the following issues critical to transnational NGO leaders who wish to make the 'leap' to top leadership:

    1. Leading in a Complex Context: the impact of your individual leadership styles; strategic leadership behavior choices that increase your effectiveness; the leader as learner; leadership vs. management; the broader landscape of actors and issues; your personal preparation for making the next ‘leadership leap’

    2. Collaboration and Crisis: the leader as communicator, team facilitator and mentor; collaborative leadership skills; leadership in crisis situations; leadership and stress

    3. Politics, Power Relationships, Negotiation and Persuasion: leadership from a political frame; compromise versus collaboration

    4. Leading and Managing Organizational Change: leading dramatic useful change and managing organizational change processes

    5. Strategic Decision-Making and Performance Management: emergent versus planned strategies; resource planning, allocation and management  

    Program Takeaways

    • Understand the effect of your individual leadership style and receive customized insight
    • Expand and test specific leadership competencies
    • Integrate your learning through experiential, hands-on exercises, assignments, simulations etc.
    • Engage with peers examining the same leadership challenges and expand your global network
    • Reap actionable benefits in terms of your leadership and organizational challenges

      • Maxwell Contributors

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      • Leadership Profiles

        Sokhany Prak

         Executive Director of the Cambodian Civil Society Partnership (CCSP)

        Prak, Sokhany - Sidebar

        Transnational NGO Leadership Institute, 2014 Participant