MASU News - Spring 2015

Spotlight: The Maxwell African Scholars Union Graduate Student Summer Research Grants

This year the Maxwell African Scholars Union (MASU) will grant awards to graduate students of up to $2,500 to support field research in sub-Saharan Africa during the summer of 2016. The purpose of the award is to provide students the opportunity to develop field experience, whether to gather preliminary data, make contacts, map topics, or increase the competitiveness of future proposals for funding.  Any graduate student enrolled in a MA or PhD program at Syracuse University may apply.

MASU News - Fall 2015

Spotlight: MASU and the African Students Union
Taiwo Majekodumi - ASU President 2015

October 14, 2015
This year, MASU and the African Students Union (ASU) will collaborate more closely to develop and host joint events and activities. Syracuse University senior, Taiwo Majekodumi serves as ASU's president this year and continues the organization's mission to spread cultural awareness throughout campus. Majekodumi has been involved with ASU since her freshman year--ASU's Vice President at the time, Kofi Dormah, told her about the organization and encouraged her to join. After attending her first general body meeting, Majekodumi fell in love with it.
"ASU is an avenue for people to come to and be comfortable in their own skin, especially if you're first-generation African-American or straight from Africa," she explained. "That's why we call it a 'union'; we want to create that space to celebrate our culture. People tend to look at Africa as a continent and not be aware that we have different cultures all over."
ASU puts on multiple Pan-African events throughout the year, from fashion shows, comedy shows, film festivals, banquets, and speaker events. The annual fashion show brings student designers not only from countries like Nigeria and Tanzania, but the African diaspora, including the Caribbean. Designers showcase distinct traditional and street-style clothing and how it differs from country to country, all while celebrating African culture as a whole.  Film festivals feature everything from comedies to serious educational films on development in the continent.
The organization also focuses on local community outreach and service, working with local youth and the refugee community at the Southwest Community Center, through "Fun Friday" activities and mentorship.
While ASU primarily serves as a community for African students to celebrate their culture, Majekodumi stressed its inclusiveness: "We're all about culture awareness. You don't have to be of African descent to get involved. We're more than open to different communities."
MASU is excited to be one of the programs getting involved with ASU and look forward to collaborating on speaker series and cultural events. Check back periodically on our Events page to see what's in store this year.

Cornell University Institute for African Development Seminar Series

The Cornell University Institute for African Development hosts a semester-long seminar series at their Ithaca, NY campus.  More information can be found on their website