Group Members

Name: Sohrob Aslamy, 

Program: PhD in Geography  

Interests: Political geography; nature-society relations; urban reconstruction and public space; Tajikistan, Afghanistan

Name: Darzhan Kazbekova, 
Program: PhD in Social Science
Interests: Environmental policy, public participation, environmental citizenship

Name: Katie MacDonald, 

Program: PhD in Geography 

Interests: Political ecology; agriculture; food security; natural resource management; water; Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan

Name: Anar Mammadli,
Program: EMPA
Interests: Elections, good governance, human rights, transition, conflicts in South Caucasus and Central Asia

Name: Nick Nocek,     

Program: Maxwell MPA program 

Interests: Russia, Former Soviet States, and Eastern Europe


Name: Glenn Peers

Program: Department of Art and Music Histories

Interests: Byzantine and East Christian art history


Name: Aliia Suranova,
Program: EMPA, Fulbright Fellow
Interests: Information policy and security, conflict management, radicalization and extremism, environment, e-government, Central Asia, Russia

Name:  Jesse Swann-Quinn, 

Program:  PhD in Geography 

Interests/expertise:  Political geography, political ecology, and post-Soviet Georgia


Name: Mirjakhon Turdiev, 

Program: PhD on Disability Studies, School of Education 

Interests/expertise: Advocacy for the human rights of persons with disabilities globally; disability inclusive international development policy analysis and administration; governance and public administration in Central Asian countries; community mobilization and development; regional expertise: Uzbekistan and Central Asian countries

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