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    Syracuse University's Center for European Studies (CES), hosted at the Moynihan Institute of Global Affairs at the Maxwell School, promotes interdisciplinary research and study of Europe. CES advances the study of European politics, history, economy, culture, and languages in collaboration with academic programs, professional schools, language programs, and research centers across campus and Syracuse University's study abroad centers. CES fulfills its mission through seminars, conferences, speaker series, language tables, and research grants. CES also provides leadership in building transatlantic and global networks via its international partnerships, collaborative projects, and programs.  

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    Lovely comments on Barr's speech on pro-China policies in Wash Post

    Attorney General William P. Barr recently accused Beijing of pressuring American business leaders to promote pro-China policies in the United States, and suggested that U.S. executives who do so might be violating U.S. lobbying laws. Professor Mary Lovely says the speech "seems designed to show the world that the U.S. will interpret every action of multinational firms operating in China through a lens of bilateral hostility." She was interviewed for the Washington Post article "William Barr cites Disney, Apple in speech accusing U.S. companies of ‘kowtowing’ to China."


    Estevez-Abe explains Japan's success with coronavirus in Newsweek

    According to Margarita Estevez-Abe, one of the keys to Japan's success is being able to control the spread of infections in facilities for the elderly. "From an international comparison, it can be seen that Japan's nursing-related administration and nursing homes started corona countermeasures at a very early stage," she says. "Whether or not this group can be protected well is the basis of corona countermeasures." Her article, "Factors behind unknown success in Japan's corona countermeasures — Nursing facilities," was published in Newsweek (Japan).


    Kumar article on police violence in India published in Scroll

    "So long as we can live in a society where labourers have to walk hundreds of kilometres to reach their homes while trains idle by, where rape victims are shamed for their clothing choices, where Dalits are punished for making a little money – we cannot be shocked that the police also target the same citizens, albeit with brute force," writes Radha Kumar, assistant professor of history. Her article, "Thoothukudi isn’t an exception – brutal police violence has always been the norm in India," was published n Scroll.


    Morgan examines whether or not the EU is imperialist in JEPP article

    "Is the European Union imperialist?," written by Associate Professor of Political Science Glyn Morgan, was published in the Journal of European Public Policy. Morgan explores the paradox of a political formation that is both vulnerable to the charge of being an imperialist, while no less vulnerable to being itself the victim of imperialism (or ‘vassalisation’).

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