The APSA Organized Section for Qualitative and Multi-Method Research sponsors three annual awards to recognize outstanding new research within the qualitative tradition. This tradition is understood as encompassing the partially overlapping areas of the case study method, small-N analysis, the comparative method, the ethnographic tradition of field research, constructivism and interpretivism, concept analysis, the comparative-historical method, and related work on the logic of inquiry.

The book, article, and conference paper awards will all encompass two types of contributions: new research on methodology per se, i.e., studies that introduce specific methodological innovations or that synthesize and integrate methodological ideas in a way that is in itself a methodological contribution; and substantive work that is an exemplar for the application of qualitative methods.

1. Giovanni Sartori Book Award. This award honors Giovanni Sartori's work on qualitative methods and concept formation, and especially his contribution to helping scholars think about problems of context as they refine concepts and apply them to new spatial and temporal settings. This award may be granted to a single-authored or multi-authored book, or to an edited volume. Click here to access a full list of Giovanni Sartori Book Award recipients.

2. Alexander L. George Article Award. This award honors Alexander George's contributions to the comparative case-study method, including his work linking that method to a systematic concern with research design, and his contribution of developing the idea and the practice of process tracing. This award may be granted to a journal article or to a chapter in an edited volume that stands on its own as an article. Click here to access a full list of Alexander L. George Article Award recipients.

3. Kendra Koivu Paper Award.  This award honors the scholarly legacy and contributions of Kendra Koivu, who published important works on process tracing, case selection, and other qualitative fields, and who provided valuable service to the section. This award will be given to a paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Political Science Association. Click here to access a full list of award recipients.


1. David Collier Mid-Career Achievement Award. This award honors David Collier’s contributions—through his research, graduate teaching, and institution building—as a founder of the qualitative and multi-method research movement in contemporary political science. The award recognizes distinction in methodological publications, innovative applications of qualitative and multi-method approaches in substantive research, and/or institutional contributions to this area of methodology. Click here to access a full list of David Collier Mid-Career Achievement Award recipients.  

The awards will be given to works published, or to papers given, in the calendar year prior to the year of the APSA meeting at which the awards are presented. The copyright date of a book, or the formal publication date of a journal, will establish the relevant year.

Citations to previous awards can also be found in the Fall issues of the Section's newsletter.