Over 19 years, IQMR has welcomed nearly 3,000 participants. Here’s what a few of the attendees from 2021 and 2019 had to say:

Carolyn Dang

"Can’t stop thinking about all the invaluable qualitative methods training I received at #IQMR2021. It was that great, y’all. What an inspiring, thought-provoking, and endlessly helpful experience connecting with and learning from such a supportive and diverse group of scholars."

Carolyn Anh Dang Carolyn Anh Dang
University of Virginia

Melanie Dominguez

'Two weeks of #IQMR2021 were great and incredibly educational. Also very happy with the new people I "met," despite everything being virtual. I hope that one of these days, we can all meet IRL! Now to catch up on some much needed rest...'

Melanie Dominguez Melanie Dominguez
University of New Mexico

Irem Cihan

"Such an amazing module! We are discussing about how to recruit elites vs non elites for interviewing and linking our research design and some of our key concepts to the field research design #iqmr2021"

Irem Cihan Irem Cihan
SOAS, University of London

Charmain Willis

"#IQMR2021 is a wrap and it's bittersweet- exhausted but learned so much from so many amazing professors and colleagues."

Charmaine Willis Charmaine Willis
University at Albany

Elizabeth Dorssum

"#IQMR2021 is over. What a great, informative experience!!"

Elizabeth Dorssom Elizabeth Dorssom
University of Missouri

Mary Issac

"Reading other graduate students’ research designs is one of my favorite things to do. Everyone is so impressive and inspiring and passionate in their work 🥺😍 #IQMR2021"

Mary IssacMary Issac
University of California, Irvine

Dipali Anumol

"Celebrating the end of #IQMR2021 with chocolate chip walnut cookies and renewed faith in interpretive and feminist methods. #AcademicTwitter"

Dipali AnumolDipali Anumol
Tufts University

Piper Biery

“The Ethnography module at #IQMR2021 has me 🤯 over and over again. I feel like even the questions I didn't know I wanted to ask have been answered, and the description/reflexivity/analysis chart is going straight in my toolbelt. Thank You!”

Piper Bierry Piper Biery 
George Mason University


 “the past two weeks have made for the most intellectually rigorous, yet gratifying experience i’ve had in graduate school thus far. To all the social science PhD students: If you have the opportunity to attend IQMR next summer (or any other summer): GO!” #IQMR19

Jared Clemons - twitter

Jared Clemons 
Duke University

Rachel Travis.png(4)

 “Still processing everything that I learned at #IQMR19 over the past 2 weeks. Overwhelmed by the brilliance of these fellow scholars, and excited for the future of qualitative & mixed methods research! Creativity and diversity are blossoming. Thank you @GSPIA for this opportunity!”

Rachel Travis  - twitterRachel Travis 
University of Pittsburgh

Colleen Wood “Is it possible to bottle up inspiration for sleepy, lonely, hopeless days? The four days I spent learning from Fred Schaffer and Timothy Pachirat (and my fellow ethnographers in training) at #iqmr19 have breathed a new sense of possibility into my work.”

Colleen Wood - twitter

Colleen Wood
Columbia University

gary sampson “Being at #IQMR19 was two weeks well-spent for me and many of my @FletcherSchool and @USMC colleagues. I’ll pass the word to those who follow me that they should definitely attend.”

Gary Sampson  - twitter

Gary Sampson 

Tufts University