The Research Group on Qualitative and Multi-Method Analysis

June 19 and June 25, 2016, Maxwell School of Syracuse University

[Please note that this page provides details from the 2016 institute.]

The Institute for Qualitative and Multi-Method Research (IQMR) is held at the same time as a Research Group. While the Institute focuses on teaching research skills, the Research Group is a workshop for authors who are developing qualitative and multi-method research techniques, or applying such methods in innovative ways. 

The 2016 Research Group met twice, once on the weekend before, and once on the weekend during, the Institute. The first meeting focused on papers drawn from a book project looking at scholarly infrastructure. The topics discussed included:

  • Colin Elman, John Gerring, James Mahoney, The Production of Knowledge.   
  • Neil Gross, Political Bias in Social Science.
  • Garrett Christensen and Edward Miguel, Transparency and Reproducibility in Social Science Research.
  • Jake Bowers and James Kuklinksi, What does it mean to learn across studies? Explanation and Generalization.
  • Jeremy Freese, Replication.
  • Evan Lieberman, Can the Bio-Medical Research Cycle be a Model for Political Science?
  • Alan Jacobs, Pre-registration and results-blind review.
  • James Mahoney, Exploratory Research.

 The second meeting included a series of papers on process tracing, and draft chapters from a forthcoming Cambridge University Press book on focus groups. Topics included:

  • Matto Mildenberger, Counterfactual Comparison and Causal Inference.
  • Rodrigo Barrenechea and James Mahoney, A Set Theoretic Approach to Bayesian Process Tracing.
  • Tasha Fairfield and Andrew Charman, Bayesian Probability, The Logic of (Political) Science: Opportunities, Caveats, and Guidelines.
  • Jennifer Cyr, Focus Groups for the Social Science Researcher