Sage Paper Award Recipients

2017: Tasha Fairfield and Andrew Charman, “Explicit Bayesian Analysis for Process Tracing: Guidelines, Opportunities, and Caveats”

2016: Erica S. Simmons and Nicholas Rush Smith, “Comparison and Ethnography: What Each Can Learn from the Other.”

2015: Markus Kreuzer, “The Structure of Description: Elements and Analyzing and Criteria for Evaluation Historical Evidence.”

2014: Macartan Humphreys and Alan Jacobs, "Mixing Methods: A Bayesian Unification of Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches."

2013: Carolyn M. Warner, Ramazan Kilinc, and Christopher Hale, "Religion and Public Goods Provision: Experimental and Interview-based Evidence from Catholicism and Islam."

2012: Derek Beach and Rasmus Pedersen, “What is Process Tracing Actually Tracing? The Three Variants of Process Tracing Methods and their Uses and Limitations.”  

2011: Adria Lawrence, “Political Equality and Nationalist Opposition in the French Colonial Empire.”

2010: Marcus Kreuzer, “Historical Knowledge and Quantitative Analysis: The Case of the Origins of Proportional Representation.”

2009: Robert Adcock, “The Curious Career of the ‘Comparative Methood': The Case of Mill's Methods."

2009: Payam Mohseni and Leah Gilbert, "Contested Concepts: Mapping the Boundaries of Hybrid Regimes"

2008: Dan Slater and Erica Simmons, “Informative Regress: Critical Antecedents in Comparative-Historical Analysis.”

2007: Timothy Pachirat, “Ethnography from Below? Reflections from an Industrialized Slaughterhouse on Perspective, Power and the Ethnographic Voice.”

2006: Giovanni Capoccia and R. Kelemen, "The Study of Critical Junctures: Theory, Narrative, and Counterfactuals in Institutional Theory."

2005: Colin Elman, "Theoretical Typologies in the Qualitative Study of International Politics."

2004: John Gerring, "Causation: A Unified Framework for the Social Sciences."