The Syllabi Collection

This page provides methods and research design syllabi drawn from a variety of disciplines and subfields in the social sciences. If you know of a course that is not yet listed but should be, please email Yurie Yu at

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Political Science, Politics, Government

Political Science, Politics, Government
Course Instructor Institution Semester
Collection and Analysis of Qualitative Data Sunita Parikh Washington University in St. Louis Spring 2014
Comparative Case Study Method Robert Pape University of Chicago Spring 2014
Comparative Methods in International and Comparative Politics David Siddhartha Patel Cornell University Spring 2013
Comparative Methods in International and Comparative Politics Gustavo Flores-Macias Cornell University Spring 2015
Comparative Qualitative and Mixed Methods
Michael Bernhard University of Florida Spring 2014
Evidence and Knowledge Everett A. Vieira, III Temple University Summer 2016
Experimental Political Science Nick Weller University of Southern California Spring 2016
Fundamentals of Political Research: Research Design and Qualitative Methods Mark Fathi Massoud University of California, Santa Cruz Winter 2015
Interpretive Approaches to Political Science, Graduate Seminar Ido Oren University of Florida Fall 2016
Interpretive Social Science Charles King Georgetown University Spring 2014
Introduction to Political Research Jeffrey Treistman Syracuse University
Introduction to Regression Analysis Pablo Barberá
University of Southern California
Spring 2017
Introduction to Research Design Laura Stoker University of California, Berkeley Fall 2013
Introduction to Research Design Nick Weller  University of Southern California
Fall 2013 
Methods of Inquiry and Research Design Page Fortna Columbia University Spring 2015
Methods of Political Analysis Peter Hall Harvard University Fall 2013
Methods of Political Analysis: Qualitative Research and the Problem of Causal Inference Alan Jacobs  University of British Columbia  Spring 2016 
Methods of Political Inquiry Ian Hurd Northwestern University Fall 2012
Philosophy of Science and Research Design Julio Carrion University of Delaware Fall 2015
Political Analysis John Gerring Boston University Spring 2011
Political Ethnography: The Politics of Daily Life Michael Schatzberg University of Wisconsin - Madison Spring 2014
Political Research Amber Boydstun University of California, Davis Winter 2015
Qualitative Field Research Adria Lawrence Yale University Spring 2015
Qualitative Methods Kirk Hawkins Brigham Young University Winter 2015
Qualitative Methods Pauline Jones Luong University of Michigan Winter 2016
Qualitative Methods Hillel Soifer Temple University Fall 2016
Qualitative Methods Richard Doner Emory University Fall 2014
Qualitative Methods/Research Design
Andrew Moravcsik
Princeton University
Spring 2015
Qualitative Methods, Mixed Methods, and Applications Geoffrey P.R. Wallace and Sophia Wallace Rutgers University Spring 2014
Qualitative Methods: Research Design, Data Collection, and Analysis Lauren M. MacLean Indiana University Fall 2016
Qualitative Research Design
Jonathan Markowitz
University of Southern California
Spring 2017
Qualitative Research Design and (Field) Methods
Jennifer Murtazashvili
University of Pittsburgh
Spring 2014
Qualitative Research Methods Michael Desch University of Notre Dame Spring 2011
Qualitative Research Methods Halit Mustafa Tagma Sabanci University
Qualitative Research Methods Andrew Bennett Georgetown University Spring 2015
Qualitative Research Methods Harris Mylonas George Washington University Spring 2014
Qualitative Research Methods
Sener Akturk
Koc University
Spring 2017                  
Qualitative Research Methods Patricia Strach  SUNY University at Albany  Fall 2017
Qualitative-Interpretive Research Methods Peregrine Schwartz-Shea University of Utah Spring 2017
Research Design Barbara Geddes UCLA Fall 2014
Research Design Karen Ferree University of California, San Diego Winter 2015
Research Design and Qualitative Methods Tim Buthe Duke University Spring 2015
Research Design and Qualitative Methods in Political Science Julia Lynch   University of Pennsylvania Fall 2016 
Research Design in Political Science Gary Cox, David Laitin, and Phillip Lipscy Stanford University Spring 2015
Research Methods and Qualitative Analysis in Social Science Jason Brownlee University of Texas Spring 2012
Scope and Methods Lindsey Lupo Point Loma Nazarene University Fall 2016
Scope and Methods in Political Science Layna Mosley University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Fall 2014
Scope of Political Science James Johnson University of Rochester Fall 2015
Seminar in Interpretive Methods Gerry Berk University of Oregon Fall 2015
Seminar on Advanced Research Design
Aaron Boesenecker
American University
Fall 2016
Seminar on Selected Topics in International Security and Qualitative Methods
Keren Yarhi-Milo
Princeton University
Systematic Inquiry/Research Design Robert Adcock George Washington University Fall 2014
The Logic of Political Inquiry Gary Marks University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Fall 2012
The Scientific Study of Politics Amber Boydstun University of California, Davis Winter 2014


Course Instructor Institution Semester
Comparative Historical Sociology Matthew Lange McGill University Winter 2015
Designing Qualitative Research Lyn Spillman Notre Dame University Spring 2017
Methods of Comparative Analysis James Mahoney Northwestern University Spring 2015
Qualitative Cultural Methods Terence McDonnell Notre Dame University Fall 2015
Quantitative Methods in Sociology Hermann Kurthen Grand Valley State University Fall 2018

General Social Science

General Social Science
Course Instructor Institution Semester
Causal Case Study Methods Derek Beach Flacso, IPSA Summer School Summer 2016
Concepts and Measurement Vito D'Orazio University of Texas, Dallas Fall 2015
Discourse Analysis Lea Sgier Central European University Winter 2016
Methods I Research Design and Data Collection Frank Schimmelfennig and ThomasWinzen Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich Fall 2016
Qualitative Data Analysis: Methodologies for Analysing Text and Talk Lea Sgier University of Essex Summer 2017
Qualitative Foundations Social Sciences Leslie Dwyer George Mason University Spring 2013
Qualitative Methods Emily Meierding Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies Fall 2013
Qualitative Methods in Conflict Studies and Human Rights Srdjan Vucetic University of Ottawa Fall 2016
Qualitative Methods: Theory and Practice Lori Leonard Cornell University Spring 2017
Qualitative Research: Design and Methods Akshay Mangla Massachusetts Institute of Technology Spring 2013
Sepcial Topics in Sustainability - Qualitative Research Methods Dan Morrison Lipscomb University Fall 2015

European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) Courses

European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) Courses
Course Instructor Semester
Advanced Process Tracing Methods Derek Beach Winter 2017
Advanced Qualitative Data Analysis Marie-Hélène Paré Winter 2015
Advanced Topics in Set-Theoretic Methods and QCA Carsten Schneider Winter 2017
Analyzing Political and Social Sequences Philippe Blanchard Summer 2016
Applying the Narrative Policy Framework Michael Jones Summer 2016
Case Study Research: Method and Practice Ingo Rohlfing  Summer 2016 
Evidentiary and Documentary Work in the Archives: Theory and Practice Csaba Szilagyi and István Rév Summer 2017
Integrating Qualitative Insights into Quantitative Research from a Critical Perspective
Karen Devine Summer 2016 
Introduction to Interpretive Research Designs Peregrine Schwartz-Shea Summer 2017
Introduction to Manual and Computer-Assisted Content Analysis Kostas Gemenis Summer 2017
Introduction to MAXQDA a Qualitative and Mixed Methods Data Analysis Software Francisco Freitas Winter 2017
Introduction to Nvivo for Qualitative Data Analysis Marie-Hélène Paré Winter 2017
Introduction to Qualitative Data Analysis with Atlas.ti Johannes Starkbaum Winter 2017
Introduction to Qualitative Interpretive Methods Marie Østergaard Møller
Winter 2017
Methodological pluralism and problem-focused research Michael Keating Summer 2013
Process Tracing Methodology I - Foundations and Guidelines
Rasmus Brun Pedersen and Hilde Van Meegdenburg Summer 2017
Process Tracing Methodology Derek Beach  Summer 2016 
Process-tracing methodology II Derek Beach Summer 2016
Qualitative Comparative Analysis and Fuzzy Sets Patrick Mello and Carsten Schneider Summer 2017
Qualitative Data Analysis: Concepts and Approaches Marie-Hélène Paré Summer 2016
Qualitative Interviewing Lea Sgier Winter 2017
Research Designs Samo Kropivnik Summer 2016
Vignette Methods in Interpretive Research Marie Østergaard Møller Winter 2017