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Maxwell School
Maxwell / Moynihan / Development and Social Transformation

17th Symposium on Development and Social Transformation

April 7th-11th, 2008

Symposium Organizer:
Susanna Baker

Symposium Facilitators:
Nonno Breuss
Monica Clark
Marie Claude Francoeur
Jeremy Gordon
Caroline Kouassiaman
Ryan Yeung
Stella Zemlin

Symposium Organizing Committee:
Guillermo Arenas
Khaldoun Assi
David Berlan
Sarah Breul
Angela Freeman
Ritu Kumar
Elisabeth Mitter
Julianne Prokopich
Rowena Quinto
Salman Ravala

Complete Schedule | Complete Abstracts




Panel 1: Promoting Political Participation

Buddhism and Political Participation in Thailand
Soothesuk Kusumpa

Another World is Possible! The Significance of Neo-Zapatismo and its Future
Deborah Greebon

What is the Impact of Town Hall Meetings?
Rachel Zinn

Panel 2: Public Sector Reforms in High Income Countries

Strengthening US Public Diplomacy? Merits and Mishaps of Integrating the US Information Agency in to the Department of State
Jeremy Gordon

Citizen Participation and Public Sector Reform in Austria
Nonno Breuss

Israel Public Sector Reform Evaluation
Yaron Israeli

Panel 3: Disease Control in Low Income Countries

Encouraging Neglected Disease Research
Kim Townsend

Diarrheal Diseases and Children in the Developing World
Bonnie Kacher

Rwanda: A Malaria Success Story
Michelle Wende

A Theoretical Framework for the Study of Emerging Infectious Diseases
Anna Stewart

Panel 4: Public Policy Issues in Southeast Asia

Why Children Work: A Critical Look at the Determinants of and Efforts Against Child Labor in the Philippines
Rowena Quinto

Infrastructure Development in Bangkok
Ryoichi Hayashi

Poverty Policies in the Philippines under Arroyo
Alberto Hylander

Determinants of Internal Migration in Vietnam
Phuong Nguyen

Panel 5: Reconstructing Governance in Post-Conflict States

Civil Service Reform in Afghanistan
Mohammad Musa

The Reconstruction and Stabilization Process in Afghanistan
Hekmat Foushanji

Timor-Leste: Governance and Post-Development
Veronica Helden

Panel 6: Education Policy in Low Income Countries - Part 1

Affordable Secondary Education in Kenya
Saida Mohamed

Education in Vietnam
Thang Pham

To Graduate or Not: Educational Funding Adequacy and Equality in Vietnam
Phuong Nguyen

Panel 7: Public Finance and Budgeting in Low Income Countries

Government Subsidies in Dominican Republic
Nassim Alemany

Local Government Credit Markets
Ian Heyns

On Financial Social Responsibility
Julia Puaschunder

Participatory Budgeting
Amy Fitzpatrick

Electricity Crisis and Female Employment in South Africa
Nicolette Mueller

Panel 8: Public Sector Decentralization

Fiscal Decentralization in Peru
Flor Blanco

Decentralization of Public Investment in Peru
Guillermo Arenas

Macedonia OSCE Decentralization Agenda
Nonno Breuss

Meta-Analysis of the Leviathan Hypothesis
Ryan Yeung

Panel 9: The Fight Against HIV/AIDS

Civil Society Involvement in HIV/AIDS Prevention in Sub-Saharan Africa
Melissa Plante

Female Sexual Agency and HIV/AIDS in Malawi
Alyssa Simon

PEPFAR and HIV/AIDS in Africa
David Berlan

The Olympics and Health Promotion
Amy Agulay

Panel 10: Combating Corruption

Combating Corruption in Liberia
Monica Clark

Corruption Reduction Strategies and the Millennium Challenge Corporation
John Sterlacci

Panel 11: Gender and Public Policy in Low Income Settings

Rescuing the Global Anti-Female Circumcision Campaign
Otieno Orwa

Reframing the ICPD: From 'Rights' to 'Health'
Abby Davidson

A Legislative Approach to the Eradication of Domestic Violence in Lagos State
Ahuioza Baiye

Contraceptive Social Marketing in India
Bruno Takahashi

Panel 12: Donor-Government Interactions in Low Income Countries

Management of Oil and Gas Revenues in Cambodia
Kalyan Keo

Loans v. Grant Aid for Developing Countries
Sang Gon Na

Cooperation, Conflict, Collusion, and Collision: The Many Facets of Donor Funding
Ashok Singh

Energy Assistance Project in North Korea
Hang Ryeol Na

Panel 13: Education Policy in Low-Income Countries- Part 2

Education and Women's Autonomy in Nepal
Yubraj Acharya

Education Guarantee Scheme in India 
Ritu Kumar

Promoting Girls' Education in Uganda
Caroline Kouassiaman

Panel 14: Civil Society, NGOs, and the State

Assessing the Effectiveness of NGO Efforts in the Newly Independent States
Angela Freeman

Civil Society Addressing Developing Countries Lack of Meaningful Participation in the Ongoing Information and Communication Technology Global Governance Process
Fatima Espinoza-Vasquez

Developing and Strengthening Civil Society and Non-Governmental Organizations
Executive MPA Group

Water Privatization and the Role of Civil Society
Bethany Stewart

Panel 15: Poverty Reduction Strategies for Low Income Countries- Part 1

Decentralization, Infrastructure Growth and Economic Development in Tanzania
Doreen Kirabo

The Efficacy of Tanzanian Poverty Reduction Strategies
Patricia Ongpin

The Strength and Shortcomings of the PRGSP in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Man Vang

Panel 16: Poverty Reduction Strategies in Low-Income Countries Part 2

Inter-district Migration and Public Services in Uganda
Naomi Aoki

India: Agriculture and Rural Development
Alok Shekhar

Poverty, Inequality and Poverty Reduction Strategy in Indonesia
Dick Chan

Panel 17: Issues in Monitoring and Evaluation

Developing and Reforming Public Sector Tools for Monitoring and Oversight
Julia Dhimitri

Performance Measurement for Development NGOs
Uwe Gneiting

Public Institutions Scorecard: Searching for Common and Comparable Elements to Evaluate the Quality of Public Institutions
Daniel McBride

Panel 18: Public and Private Sector Interactions

Developing Public-Private Partnerships in and Beyond Infrastructure Projects
Reza C. Sinsuat

Transferring Six Sigma from Manufacturing to the Public Sector
Anne Wadsworth

US Capital Markets and Regulation: Too Much, Too Little, or the Wrong Recipe?
Tim Lange

Panel 19: Fighting Maternal Mortality

Does the Use of Traditional Birth Attendants Lower Maternal Mortality?
Susanna Baker

Maternal Mortality Among Indigenous Women in Peru
Stella Zemlin

Maternal Health In Kenya
Saida Mohamed

Panel 20: China in Africa

Beijing in Africa: Implications and the Road Ahead
Parvathy Binoy

China and International Development in Africa
Charles Cutshall

China's Foray in Africa
Yoshina Hurgobin

Panel 21: Public Policy Issues in Peru

Cutting Red Tape to Fight Informality in Peru
Diana Hollmann

Intergovernmental Transfers in Peru
Guillermo Arenas

Unemployment in the Peruvian Youth Population
Beatriz Robles

Panel 22: Forestry and Environmental Policy

Conservation and Development at Crossroads: The Case of the Kirthur National Park
Imran Khalid

Joint Forest Management in India
Anuradha Vemuri

Climate Change and Health: Impacts and Mitigation in Sub-Saharan Africa
Michelle de Sam

Panel 23: Fighting Human Trafficking

Combating Child Trafficking in Ghana
John Linsley

Devadasi in India: Sacred Prostitution o Sexual Slavery?
Sean Cullifer

Inter-country Adoption and Child Trafficking in Guatemala
Kelsey Mertes

Moral Compromise: The Catholic Church, Human Trafficking, and Civil Society
John Sterlacci

Panel 24: Legal and Judiciary Reforms

Local Bodies’ Accountability Mechanisms in India: A Framework for Strengthening
Anuradha Palanichamy

Chile: Judicial Reform Link to Human Rights
Eric Anderson

Judiciary in Pakistan
Muhammad S. Ravala

Panel 25: Public Sector Reforms

Independent Agencies: The Challenge of Accountability in a Democratic System
Carlos Herrera

Civil Service Reform in Latin America: The cases of Chile and El Salvador
Maria Jose Redini

Imperatives For and Impediments To Administrative Reforms
Ashok Singh

Panel 26: Public Policy Issues in India

Disinvestment Experience in India: Lessons for the Future
Ashish Singh

Entrepreneurial Leadership Within Organizations: Archeological Survey of India
Sandeep Silas

Land Reform In India
Alok Shekhar

Slum Redevelopment Schemes in Mumbai, India
Valsa Singh

Panel 27: Public Policy Issues in Middle and High Income Countries

Review of Research and Development Policy in Spain
Miguel Miaja

Economic Growth in Israel
Yaron Israeli

The Role of Civil Society as a Solution to Socio-Economic Stagnation in Morocco
Ghassane Hajji

Panel 28: Public Policy Issues in Africa and India

Decentralizing Irrigation Water Management in India
Alok Shekhar

Providing Safe Drinking Water in Africa
Benjamin Oscarlece

Sustaining Linguistic Diversity in Africa
Lisa Pye