Our Mission 

To gather data on and conduct analysis of areas that are perceived to be critical nodes in underworld webs.  By looking at them and tracking insecurity flows that run through them, it is possible to better understand the global underworld, its interactions, actors, and - most importantly - insecurity that may be generated and exported to other locations. 


The Intelligence Community (IC) inevitably has to prioritize its focus points based on its available resources and requirements of decision makers at the given moment.  Our mission and goal is to gather open source information and monitor all potential Black Spots in order to be better able to track and, in the future, contribute to early warning about potential insecurity flows and impending threats.  The GBS-MGI program may therefore be perceived as an intelligence support activity that through research and analysis can provide real-time crisis support, enable new and unique insights, "tip" other intelligence collection, "cue" further classfied research and analysis, and lead to the discovery of new requirements within the IC and Law Enforcement organizations. 






 E-mail contact: ssbrown@maxwell.syr.edu