The MESP extends a warm thank you to Linda K. Brown for donating several boxes of books to the Middle East collection at Syracuse University Library. Ms. Brown, a social studies teacher at Balti- more County Schools in Maryland, is an avid bibliophile who has been accumulating an impressive collection of books for some time, covering numerous topics including the Middle East. Since she believes in the value of a well-conceived donation and actively supports cultural exchange, she recently placed an advertisement in the Newsletter of the Middle East Studies Association offering to donate her personal collection to any university that could use them. When Professor Boroujerdi saw the announcement, he reached out to Ms. Brown on behalf of Syracuse University. Fortu- nately, she charitably agreed to send her books.

Ms. Brown’s interest in the Middle East dates to her experience as a Fulbright Scholar in India, where she was introduced to the diversity of peoples in the greater region and was immediately drawn to Middle Eastern cultures. After returning to the United States and earning a Masters of Arts from the University of Maryland, she completed a certificate in Arabic Language from the Middle East Institute in Washington, DC. She then boarded a plane, with substantial initiative and courage, and headed to Tunisia, where she would spend the next two years teaching English to students at the École Nationale d’Ingénieurs de Gabès.

We appreciate the generosity of Ms. Brown’s donation, particularly because the gift exemplifies our program’s mission. The Middle East is a diverse region comprising a multitude of perspectives, many of which can only be heard if we are willing to share. We hope others decide to join Ms. Brown in helping us augment the Middle East collection at Syracuse University Library. We are particularly interested in scholarly writings as well as Arabic, Persian or Turkish-language works. To discuss a possible donation, please contact: Mr. Gurnek Singh, 210 Bird Library, E.S. Bird Library, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY 13244-2010; telephone: (315) 443-4677; fax: (315) 443-9510; e-mail: