The Middle Eastern Studies Program (MESP) continues to make substantial progress. Recently, Dr. Khalil I. Semaan, Professor Emeritus of Arabic at Binghamton University, donated over 3,000 books on the Mid- dle East to Syracuse University Library, and we received another major financial gift from Mr. Abdallah H. Yabroudi, whose generosity knows no limit. At the same time, we continue to “deepen our bench” by hiring new faculty and staff members. As of this year, over twenty faculty members (many of whom can be seen in the picture above) are affiliated with MESP, and together they offer more than 80 undergraduate and gradu- ate courses that deal with the region. Droves of students are signing up for the new undergraduate major and the graduate certificate in MES and are traveling to the region through MESP-sponsored opportunities. Please read more about the program’s rapid growth and recent activities in the pages of this newsletter.

-Mehrzad Boroujerdi, Director