Selina Carter (MA-Econ, MAIR, MPA, 2012) is spending this year in Ankara, Turkey as a David L. Boren Fellow. She is studying Turkish language as well as completing economics coursework at the University of Ankara. During the summer of 2012, she completed an internship at a microfinance organization in a rural part of Turkey.

Adil Ciftci (MES Certificate of Advanced Studies, 2012) returned to Ankara, Turkey to his previous position in the Office of the Prime Minister.

John Gay (MA Candidate, MES Certificate of Advanced Study, 2011) did a summer internship at the Center for the National Interest (formerly the Nixon Center). He also has a blog on Middle Eastern affairs at http://johnallengay.

Christine Fandrich (BA Political Science/Minor in MES, 2006) obtained her MA in Migration and Refugee Stud- ies from the American University in Cairo. Her thesis focused on the resettlement of Iraqi refugees and immigrants within the United States after the US-led invasion of Iraq. She is working at the European University Institute - Mi- gration Policy Centre in Florence, Italy on a project regarding migration after the Arab Spring.

Anna M. Firliet (BA Political Science and Middle Eastern Studies minor, 2010) has entered the MA program in Public Administration at Suffolk University in Boston and will be graduating in May 2013.

Fethi Keles (Ph.D. Candidate in Cultural Anthropology, MES Certificate of Advanced Studies, 2011) served a term appointment as Visiting Instructor of International Studies at Cazenovia College in Fall 2011. He taught a course titled “Muslims in the Middle East.” In addition, Fethi has been selected to the first cohort of online columnists for Anthropology News. He writes a monthly column called “Immigration Matters” which can be accessed at http://

Paul Khuri (BA, International Relations and minors in Middle Eastern Studies and Economics, 2007) is working on his master’s in International Security Policy at Georgetown University’s Walsh School of Foreign Service, where he is focused on Middle East policy and security. Paul also works as a foreign affairs analyst focusing on Middle East and South Asia issues.

Marc J. Mason (BA, International Relations, Middle Eastern Studies, and Communication and Rhetorical Studies, 2012) was named a Syracuse University Scholar (the highest undergraduate academic honor bestowed by Syracuse University) and also won an SU Engagement Fellowship for the 2012-2013 academic year. He is now working toward a joint master’s degree in international relations and public administration at the Maxwell School.

Ioana (Emy) Matesan (Ph.D. Candidate, Political Science) received an NSF dissertation improvement grant for her dissertation entitled “The Dynamics of Radicalization and De-radicalization in Egypt and Indonesia.” This grant enabled her to travel to Egypt and Indonesia to do field work this year. Emy also published a piece entitled “The Impact of the Arab Spring on Islamist Strategies,” which appeared in the summer 2012 issue of the Journal of Stra- tegic Security.

Teresa Soldner (BS, Chemistry, IR, and MES, 2011) was awarded a Fulbright grant that enabled her to be an English Teaching Assistant in Jordan starting in September 2012. After that, she plans to attend medical school at Michigan State University.

Margaret A. Suter (MES Major) spent the Spring 2012 semester working as an intern at the White House.

Sarah Marusek (Social Science Doctoral Candidate) presented a paper on “Understanding Islamic Movements: Where Faith and Rationality Commingle” at a conference on Shifting Borders: America and the Middle East/North Africa at the American University of Beirut in January 2012.