Christine Bald- (History/International Relations major and Middle Eastern Studies Minor) is spend- ing the Spring 2007 semester studying in Egypt. She writes “Living in Cairo is still a lot like drinking from a fire hose, which means I’m in the paradoxical situation of being in a pretty constant state of exhaustion while never having felt so alive.”

Lisa Bhungalia- (Ph.D. candidate, Geography) received a $3,000 field research grant from Moyni- han’s Middle Eastern Studies Program to explore the geographical aspects of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Heather Freitag- (BA, International Relations, Political Science, 2007) completed her international relations honors thesis entitled “Hamas: From “Terrorist” Organization to Govern- ing Party: The Implications of Hamas’s 2006 Electoral Victory.”

Rawan Jabaji- (BA, Political Science and Psychology, minor Middle Eastern Studies, 2005) finished an MA program in newspaper journalism at New York University. She is now working for PBS Wide Angle as a production assistant and assistant to the Wide Angle series producer.

Elisabeth Johnson - (BA, IR and Psychology, minors Middle Eastern Studies and French, 2006) is pursu- ing an MA in International Politics with a focus on Human Rights at the American University. While at SU, Elisabeth completed an Honors Thesis on the representa- tion of Middle Eastern culture in the US through belly dancing.

Matt Lenkowsky- is finishing his MA in International Relations in May, and MPA in June 2007. Hav- ing completed his Master’s thesis entitled “The Hybrid Organizational Structure as Utilized by Militant Movements: An Examination of the Lebanese Hezbollah Model,” he is headed to Washington to start work for DHS as an Intelligence Operations Specialist in the Office of Intelligence & Analysis. He can be reached at

Mike Makara- is a first year Ph.D. student in the Political Science program at Maxwell. He is in- terested in studying Islamist groups, particularly those that use violence to achieve a given goal. His current research involves applying social movement theory to determine how these groups attain and maintain legitimacy.

Emily Steakley- (BA, History, 2007) completed her history thesis entitled “Iranian Women’s Move- ments: From the 1979 Revolution till Present.”