In an event that drew widespread attention on the SU cam- pus, as well as the eye of local media, the Luce Program on Religion, Media and International Affairs and the Middle East- ern Studies Program welcomed Iran’s top investigative jour- nalist and human rights activist to campus on March 22nd. Akbar Ganji, who went on a hunger strike for 72 days while in an Iranian prison to protest the repression of the press in the country, spoke for over an hour in an event that addressed issues of democracy, the character of the Iranian government, media independence, and Tehran’s relations with the United States. Although Ganji spoke in his native Persian tongue, Pro- fessor Mehrzad Boroujerdi translated the lecture into English. Mr. Ganji recounted stories of his personal experiences with other outspoken journalists in Iran and of his own time spent in prison. The evening concluded with a reception to celebrate the lecture. The webcast of the event can be viewed at http://