SU Abroad Short-Term Program: Jan. 3-15, 2022 

Application Deadline: Oct. 1, 2021
Information Session: Sept. 24, 2021 (see below)
GEO 400/600 Post-Oil Futures: The politics of energy and sustainability in the Arabian Peninsula 

Prof. Natalie Koch, Department of Geography and the Environment

This is an advanced 3-credit course on the political geography of energy and sustainability in the Arabian Peninsula. This  SU Abroad short course will be held in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in January 2021 to coincide with Expo 2020, which will be held in Dubai from October 2021-April 2022 and has “Sustainability” as one of its three thematic pillars. Due to its central place in the world’s hydrocarbon supply chain, the Arabian Peninsula does not have a reputation for leading on environmental sustainability and energy transition efforts. Yet that situation is rapidly changing. Initiatives to promote sustainable “post-oil futures,” renewable energy, and the green economy have proliferated across the region and sustainability is now enshrined in long-term development agendas. Interdisciplinary research on sustainability offers valuable insights from around the world, but these initiatives are often interpreted as “false” or insincere forms of “greenwashing.” While there is much to be skeptical of when analyzing sustainability and energy transition politics in the Arabian Peninsula, the starting point for this course is not to fixate on how sustainable the Gulf’s new environmental policies and programs “really” are, but to undertake an event ethnography of Expo 2020 and additional site visits to investigate how the sustainability efforts in the UAE fit within their local context, who is promoting them, and who wins and loses as they get developed.

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An Information Session will be held on Friday, Sept. 24 at 12:45-1:45 pm in Eggers 060 (the Global Collaboratory).

Study Abroad Course Offered in Middle East

CIEE: Jordan Middle East Studies

America and the Arabs

MES 380 (3 Credits; Undergraduate)

Dates: TBA

Location: Amman, Jordan

Spend four weeks in Amman, Jordan and gain insights into the history and culture of this complex region and its relationship with the US by studying America and the Arabs.  This program is designed to help students learn about the history, culture, and politics of Jordan and the Middle East with content courses taught in English.  From an archaeological survey of Jordan to an exploration of the Palestinian conflict, students will come away with a rich understanding of the region.
Students can also opt to learn colloquial Jordanian Arabic, making it easier to connect with the people of Jordan and learn about their way of life.  In-class work is augmented with co-curricular visits to the city's rich variety of cultural institutions and organizations relevant to the course offerings.

For IR students, this course can apply towards either the Middle East/North Africa regional concentration or the International Security and Diplomacy concentration.

Apply by: TBA

Dates are tentative and subject to change.

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