The Society of Arab World Affiliates (SAWA) is a new student organization on campus for those interested in the Arab world. The organization does not represent any single religion, political affiliation or ethnicity and aims to encourage people to meet outside of the classroom. Since SAWA is the only official student organization that represents the Middle East, it hopes to provide a positive image of the region and to address the misconceptions that many people hold.

It plans to organize both academic and entertainment programs and events, including possibly in- viting speakers, organizing informal discussion sessions, and working with other student organizations to improve the campus-wide understanding of the region. SAWA is also dedicated to showing other cultural aspects of the Middle East that are often overlooked. We hope to hold cultural events with Arabic music, literature, food, art and poetry. For more information or to inquire about becoming a member, please contact Haifa Jedea at or Alexis Pokorny at