As part of its lecture series, MESP worked with the LDF management team to bring to campus some of the most prominent scholars in the field. Among these were:

Nathan Brown (George Washington University), “The U.S. and Democracy Promotion since the Cold War” (March 25)

Andrew Whitley (Director of the United Nations RWA Representative Office), “The Palestinian Refugees: The Conundrum at the Core of the Arab-Israeli Conflict” (March 30)

David Patel (Cornell University), “Ayatollahs on the Pareto Frontier: Islam, Identity and Social Order in Iraq” (March 31)

Joshua Stacher (Kent State University), “US-Egyptian Relations as a Window into US Relations with the Wider Arab World” (April 1)

Vamik Volkan (University of Virginia and Austen Riggs Center), “From Earthquakes to Ethnic Cleansing: Massive Trauma at the Hand of ‘the Other’ and Its Political Consequences” (April 13)

Eva Bellin (Hunter College), “Civil Society in the Middle East: A Force for or against Democratiza- tion?” (April 16)