The 2010 Hasan Abdullah Yabroudi Award for the best undergraduate paper on the Middle East was granted to Anna Koulouris (Newspaper and Middle Eastern Studies Major) for a paper entitled “Iranian Nuclear Ambitions: Why an Iranian Nuclear Program is not a Threat to the West.” Ms. Koulouris argues that Iran’s development of a nuclear program, and even possible obtainment of nuclear weapons, is not a threat to the West. She attempts to place the nuclear developments in Iran in a fresh historical and strategic context. The argument is developed with a great degree of respect and nuance.

The 2010 Hasan Abdullah Yabroudi Award for a graduate paper went to Sarah Barkin (Ph.D. Candi- date, English) for a paper entitled “Eating the Shadow of Memory: Food, Authenticity, and the Geography of Memory in The Language of Baklava.” Ms. Barkin’s paper explores how food connects and disconnects the migrant with their homeland. Beautifully written, the paper offers a careful analysis of geographic memory, gender roles and family dynamics in an Arab diaspora family.

Both papers can be viewed at http://middle-eastern-studies.syr.edu/Awards.htm.

The Undergraduate International Studies and Foreign Language (UISFL) grant from the U.S. Depart- ment of Education enabled MESP to give summer travel grants to the following undergraduate students:

  • Anna Koulouris to do an internship at the Palestine-Israel Journal in East Jerusalem

  • Marc Mason (International Relations, Communication and Rhetorical Studies Majors and Middle Eastern Studies Minor) to do an internship at the Central Elections Commission of Palestine (Ramallah, Palestine)

  • Ilyana Rahman (Biology and Middle Eastern Studies) to enroll in a six-week Arabic Language Program at The Lebanese American University

    Furthermore, the following graduate students also received Yabroudi/MESP summer travel grants:

    • Khaldoun Abou Assi (to conduct research in Lebanon)
    • Aniseh Bassiri Tabrizi (to conduct research and do an internship in Turkey) • Lisa Bhungalia (to study advanced Arabic at Middlebury College)
    • Jared Keyel (to do an internship in Lebanon)
    • Michael Makara (to conduct research in Jordan)
    • Sarah Marusek (to conduct research in Lebanon)
    • Deepa Prakash (to conduct research in Washington, D.C.)
    • Stephanie Rugolo (to conduct research in Israel and East Jerusalem)