Dr. Hosein Ghazian is a visiting scholar at Syracuse University who has received a joint scholarship from the Scholar Rescue Fund and from Syracuse University itself. A member of the Iran Sociology Associa- tion, Dr. Ghazian’s research interests in public sociology focus on culture, gender, and politics. He is one of Iran’s most prominent sociologists, and his articles on Iranian intellectuals and on gender issues have been the subject of much debate in Iranian society. He is the author of a book on one of the most effective con- temporary Iranian intellectuals, Jalal-e Al-e Ahmad, and he is the author of four other in-print/under contract books. Dr. Ghazian has taught sociology at intervals in Iran, but, due to politics, he has been prohibited from being accepted as an official instructor. He also has had an active role in administering social surveys and conducting opinion polls for years, and he has worked for institutions like Gallup and Zogby International.