MES 344-M500 Politics of the Middle East (Online Maymester Course)

middle east mapThis course provides an overview of the politics of the contemporary Middle East. It is divided into four modules. In the first, we examine the political history of the region, specifically the Ottoman, Colonial, and Cold War periods. We then explore the nation-building processes of Turkey, Egypt, Iran, Israel, and Saudi Arabia by focusing on the competing forces such as nationalism, secularism, and religion. In the third module, we look at the ongoing political conflicts in the region including but not limited to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, the Syrian Civil War, and the Yemeni Civil War. Finally, we discuss how a variety of factors including foreign interventions, authoritarianism, and natural resources have shaped politics in the Middle East. We also address the consequences of the 2011 Arab Spring, the issues of gender, and the influence of superpowers over the region. 

For questions about the course, please contact the course instructor, Sefa Secen.