MESP Faculty Update

Mehrzad  Boroujerdi, Professor of Political Science 

Professor Boroujerdi  received a fellowship from the American Council on Education and spent the 2017-2018 academic year as an ACE Fellow at California State University, Northridge. During this time he was also a visiting scholar at UCLA’s Center for Near Eastern Studies. In 2018, Boroujerdi’s latest book titled Post-revolutionary Iran: A Political Handbook (co-authored with Kourosh Rahimkhani) was published by Syracuse University Press. Boroujerdi made presentations about the book at Yale University, Stanford University, UCLA, and the Atlantic Council.

Rania Habib, Associate Professor of Arabic and Linguistics 

Professor Habib published two articles, two invited chapters, and one conference proceeding in 2017/2018: (1) “Children’s deviation in the acquisition of variable linguistic gender Patterns” in the journal Macrolinguistics. (2) “Parents and their children’s variable language: Is it acquisition or more?” in the Journal of Child Language. (3) “Influence of TV and internal and external contact on variation in rural child language” in Reem Bassiouney (Ed.), Identity and Dialect Performance: A Study of Communities and Dialects [Routledge Studies in Language and Identity Series]”. (4) “How to uncover social variables” in Christine Mallinson, Becky Childs, and Gerard Van Herk (Eds.), Data Collection in Sociolinguistics: Methods and Applications (Second Edition), published by Routledge-Taylor & Francis Groups. (5) “Standard Arabic [q]-Lexical-Borrowings in the Speech of Syrian Rural Migrants.” Proceedings of the Linguistics Society of America 3. In 2017, Habib also gave two invited talks at Cornell University: “Effect of TV and internal vs. external contact on variation in Syrian rural child language” and “Children’s deviation in the acquisition of variable linguistic gender patterns.” She presented her work “Use of Standard Arabic [q]-lexical-borrowings in Syrian rural migrant speech” in two conferences in 2017 (46th Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Association of the Southwest (LASSO 2017) & Texas Linguistic Society XVII (TLS 17)) and one conference in 2018 (The 92nd/2018 Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Society of America (LSA 2018)).

Osamah Khalil, Associate Professor of History

In addition to serving as Interim Director of the Middle Eastern Studies Program, Khalil was awarded the Chancellor’s Citation for Faculty Excellence and Scholarly Distinction. His book, America’s Dream Palace: Middle East Expertise and the Rise of the National Security State (Harvard, 2016) was named by Foreign Affairs as a Best Book of 2017. 

Nazanin Shahrokni, Assistant Professor of Sociology

Professor Shahrokni has received the following awards and grants during 2017-2018 academic year:

- Global Religion Research Initiative, Book Leave Fellowship for 2018-2019 academic year to complete her book manuscript tentatively titled: Women in Place: The State and the Paradox of Gender Segregation in Iran.

- Global Religion Research Initiative, Curriculum Development Grant to design and create a course on Sociology of the Veil.

- Carla B. Howery Teaching Enhancement Grant, American Sociological Association.