Graduate Students Conducting Research on Topics and Issues Related to the Middle East 

Robert Andrea, Political Science 

Iranian politics/foreign affairs and United States and Iranian national security bureaucratic structures and US foreign policy in the Middle East and AfPak regions.

Abolghasem Bayyenat, Political Science 

International relations of the Middle East; Foreign Policy of Iran.

Elizabeth Davis, Political Science 

Diaspora and democracy in the Middle East and North African. 

Esra Ekinci, Political Science 

Political institutions, democratization, electoral systems and political parties.

Daniel Jackson, Political Science 

International politics of the Middle East.

Drew Kinney, Political Science

International Relations (security, foreign policy), Comparative Politics (civil-military relations, political violence, development), Middle Eastern Studies.

Pedram Maghsoud-Nia, Political Science 

Economy of Development, Middle East Politics, Social Theory. 

Sefa Secen, Political Science

Middle East & Ottoman History, Race/ Ethnicity and Nationalism, Identity, Human and Minority Rights.

Darci Pauser, Political Science 

International Environmental and Trade Agreements, International Organizations, Global Governance, International Security, Transboundary Natural Resource Issues, Turkey, Middle East, Europe. 

Raza Raja, Political Science

Political economy of development finance, public policy, and politics in Middle East and South Asia.

Katharine Russel, Political Science 

Politics of the Middle East and women's issues

Mohammad Ebid Athar, History 

U.S. & the World; U.S. and the Middle East; Empire. 

Mehdi Nejatbakhsh, Sociology 

Globalization, Cosmopolitanism, National and Cultural Identity, Political Sociology, Immigration and Diaspora, the Middle East and Iran. 

Marwa Tarek Moaz, Sociology 

Race & Ethnicity, Religion, Immigration, Gender, Sexuality. 

Shaundel Sanchez, Anthropology 

Muslim-Americans based in Sharjah, UAE. 

Duygu Yeni Cenebasi, Religion 

Religion and feminism; gender and sacred texts; Jewish, Christian and Muslim women’s theologies; and women’s and minority literature in the MENAA. 

Ahmet Celik, Religion

Relationship between law and politics in Islamic history and particularly Ottoman 16th Century. 

M. Owais Khan, Religion 

Early modern Islamic political theology and practice in the Indian Ocean.