A New Face at the South Asia Center

-Kami Richmond

Sudipta Ghosh PortraitWe would like to welcome Sudipta Ghosh, Raman Post-Doctoral Fellow, to the South Asia Center community. Ghosh “fell in love with anthropology” during her undergraduate studies and was particularly intrigued by biological anthropology because of its ability to address pressing public health issues. Ghosh is collaborating on research with Tom Brutsaert, Chair of Exercise Science at Syracuse University, to compare genetic and pulmonary adaptation of Andean populations to the Eastern Himalayan Monpa population. Currently, Ghosh is also an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at North-Eastern Hill University in Shillong, India. Prior to her post-doctora research Ghosh was a lecturer at Delhi University. The two principles Ghosh believes students as well as people in the community should glean from anthropology are an appreciation of the “variation in humanity” and the nonexistence of “inferior or superior” groups of people. The world is filled with different populations living in diverse climates with various lifestyles and diverging definitions of efficiency. What one population may consider “mere survival could be considered thriving by another population. Ghosh will give a talk on her current research on February 21st, 2017 as part of the South Asia Center’s Spring Speaker Series. Please see page 11 for the details of her presentation.