A New Face at the South Asia Center - 2015

-Charlie Mansour

Radha KumarThe South Asia Center welcomes Radha Kumar, the new assistant professor of South Asian history at the Maxwell School. Professor Kumar specializes in Modern South Asia, Urban History, and Caste in India. Her dissertation entitled “Police Matters: Bringing Law to Rural Madras, c.1900-1960” focuses on  policing and questions of sovereignty and caste violence in the Tamil countryside. 

Prior to entering the PhD Program at Princeton, she completed her B.A. and M.A. from Madras University and Delhi University respectively, and pursued a Post Graduate Diploma in Management from the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, India. 

Kumar is looking forward to teaching South Asian history, both before and after colonialism. She also will be teaching South Asian urban history and the history of colonial law.  She particularly enjoys discussing the lesser-known aspects of South Asian history with students who are eager to go beyond the common media portrayals of the Indian subcontinent. 

Previously, Professor Kumar worked as a consultant at Ernst & Young in Mumbai. Apart from her research on policing in India, she enjoys reading and watching detective fiction.