Outreach for K-12 Students and Educators

Classroom Visits

Faculty and graduate students from the South Asia Center are available to present on topics of interest which satisfy New York Learning Standards for Social Studies (2-5) such as: geography, food and dress, family life, language, technology and development, folk arts and oral narrative traditions, history, religious practice, the environment, historical and contemporary political systems, the growth of India as an economic power, and migration within and from South Asia. In addition to classroom visits, we can work with teachers to design or revise lesson plans. We are particularly interested in working in rural school districts whose students may have limited experiences with South Asian cultures.

Please contact our Outreach Coordinator for more details. 

Teacher Workshops

In collaboration with Cornell University, we hold teacher workshops during the summer and occasionally during the school year. The goal of these workshops is to provide useful information and resources concerning South Asia and other geographical regions (East Asia, Southeast Asia, Europe, Latin American and Africa) that teachers can use to create or revise lesson plans. The next workshop will be in June 29-30, 2020. The theme will be “Food Security.” The workshop will focus on integrating world area knowledge through the context of global hunger, food instability, and food justice movements . You can find the link to register here.