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Maxwell School
Maxwell / Moynihan / South Asia Center


Current Graduate Students

Poonam Argade--Social Science PhD

Adrienne Atterberry-Sociology PhD
Area: United States and India
Adrienne's research focuses on educational migration from India to the US with a concentration on how students prepare to complete higher education in the US. 

Parvathy Binoy-Geography PhD
Area: India
Parvathy's dissertation investigates the historical production of dispossession and its relationship to specific geographies of waste in the context of neoliberal India. Her research interests include Marxism, neoliberalism, feminist geography, and social movements in South Asia. 

Emera Bridger Wilson-Anthropology PhD 
Livelihoods in Motion: Understanding Tourism Work in Eastern Rajasthan
Emera's research examines the way that caste and class shape understandings of tourism, development and work among cycle rickshaw pullers in Bharatpur, Rajasthan. 

Stephen Christopher-Anthropology PhD
: India
Stephen's research focuses on ethnicity, resource competition and cosmopolitanism in Dharamsala, India. Home to indigenous Gaddi tribals, Tibetan refugees and the Dalai Lama, and an ever-rising tidal wave of domestic and international tourism, Dharamsala is a small place nestled in the mountains with a lot going on.

Dimple Dhanani--Religion PhD
Area: India

Trudy DeLong-Anthropology PhD
India, Thailand
Trudy is researching post-operative experiences of people who have decided to sell kidneys, how body parts move from body to body, and the global commodification of specific bodies over others.

Sreyoshi Dey-Communications PhD
Area: India
Sreyoshi's dissertation research looks into the use of social media in India, the country with the second highest number of Internet users globally, with particular focus on the aspect of queer identity constructions in the digital space. Research Interests: Social media, Identity studies, Media and Diversity, South Asian diaspora.

Ross Freedenberg-Anthropology PhD
Area: The Caribbean, US

Ipshita Ghosh--Anthropology PhD
Area: India, US
Ipshita's research interests include social entrepreneurship, NGOs, anthropology of development

Mallory Hennigar-Religion PhD

Area: India
Mallory's research focuses on communities of dalit/SC Buddhists in Nagpur, Maharashtra and their efforts to build a pan-Indian Buddhist community and to connect with transnational Buddhist networks. She is interested in the relationship between caste, class, and religion in people's construction of Buddhist identities. 

Zainab Khalid-Anthropology PhD

Hamza Khalil-Anthropology PhD

Area: Pakistan

Jocelyn Kilmer-Anthropology PhD
Jocelyn's research explores the social world of biomedicine in and around Jaipur, Rajasthan through an ethnographic study of women doctors. Her current focus is on the gendered constructions of risk and space that discourage women doctors from serving in rural areas, as well as the intersections of gender and class that render women doctors' problems invisible to the state's public health apparatus.

Natasha Susan Koshy-Social Science PhD
Area: India
Natasha's areas of interest include gender and rural livelihoods, with a focus on agriculture and food.

Ajaya Mali--Anthropology PhD
Area: Nepal

Liz Mount-Sociology PhD
Liz’s research interests are women’s and queer/LGBT movements and activism in India, particularly in relation to notions of globalization and cosmopolitanism. Her work engages with transnational feminist analyses and praxis, postcolonial studies and critical race studies.

Lalit Narayan-Anthropology PhD
Lalit's research addresses the social, political and economic factors that influence the practice of medical students and doctors in India.

Aarti Patel--Religion PhD
Area: India

Retika Rajbhandari-Anthropology PhD
Area: Nepal, US
Retika's research examines emergent refugee subjectivities of Nepali-Bhutanese refugees who are resettling in the United States from refugee camps in Nepal.

Raza Habib Raja-Political Science PhD
Area: Pakistan

Taapsi Ramchandani-Anthropology PhD
Area: Trinidad and Tobago
Taapsi's research falls within the realm of civic anthropology and broadly encompasses bureaucracy, collaborative governance, and the modern state. For the past two years, she has been studying local government reform and decentralization in Trinidad and Tobago, and she is interested in the ways in which new collaborations are formed with non-state actors in the name of participatory governance.

Krishna Ranaware--Social Science PhD
Area: India

Moushumi Shabnam-Anthropology PhD
United States and Bangladesh
Title: Construction of Muslim identity in the post 9/11 era
Moushumi investigates class, gender, ethnic and family backgrounds, and length of residency in the U.S. in the process of identity construction for the Muslim American immigrants in the post 9/11 U.S.

Jay Sharma--Anthropology PhD
Area: India

Prakhar Sharma-Political Science PhD
Area: Afghanistan

Jenna Sikka-Sociology PhD
Area: United States and India
Jenna's areas of interest include international migration and transnationalism, women and gender studies, qualitative methods and South Asia.  Her dissertation project seeks to explore a recent and significant trend among first-generation Indian American families who have had an otherwise 'successful' migration experience in the United States: making a permanent move back to India.   

Taveeshi Singh-Social Science PhD
Area: India
Taveeshi's interests include gender, domesticities, women's work and the military.

Ruma Sinha-English PhD

Silas Webb-History PhD
Area: UK

Alisa Weinstein-Anthropology PhD
Area: India
Title: Tailor Made in India: clothing local and global bodies in Jaipur

Bernadette White-Sociology PhD
Bernadette's research interests include rural sociological issues, developmental sociology, and political sociology in India.