Current Graduate Students

Poonam ArgadePoonam Argade--Social Science PhD
Poonam's dissertation research is about women's relationships with urban environments and sanitation infrastructures. She is interested in how caste and gender power operate in informal settlements near Mumbai and particularly in the realm of environment and development politics .

Adrienne Atterberry-Sociology PhD

Area: United States and India
Adrienne's research focuses on educational migration from India to the US with a concentration on how students prepare to complete higher education in the US.

Alexandra BergerAlexandra Berger--Religion PhD
Alexandra's research focuses on ways that yoga is presented and practiced in contemporary India, and particularly on the ways that women engage with yoga practice as a facet of understanding and constructing their shifting identities. 

Ross Freedenberg-Anthropology PhD
Area: The Caribbean, US

Ipshita GhoshIpshita Ghosh--Anthropology PhD
Area: India, US
Ipshita's research interests bridge medical anthropology and the anthropology of development/humanitarianism. She has conducted ethnographic  fieldwork with health entrepreneurs in India and US and is interested in the subjectivities and forms of care created at the intersection of speculative capitalism, biopolitics and humanitarian discourses. 

Mallory HennigarMallory Hennigar-Religion PhD

Area: India
Mallory’s research focuses on youths participating in an Ambedkarite Buddhist training program in Nagpur, Maharashtra and their struggles to build communities and identities that combine principles of activism and Buddhism within the landscape of Indian identity politics. 

Morgan IrelandMorgan Ireland-Anthropology PhD
India and the U.S.
Morgan's research is centered on gendered access to public space in Mumbai and New York City.

Zainab Khalid-Anthropology PhD
Zainab's focus is on queer sexuality and Islamic spirituality within Muslim and South Asian communities based in the United States. She aims to understand how LGBTQ persons negotiate belonging through Islamic spirituality and how networks of support are imagined, created and sustained in living precariously between Islam and queer sexualities within the US security state today.

Hamza Khalil-Anthropology PhD

Area: Pakistan

Ajay MaliAjaya Mali--Anthropology PhD
Area: Nepal
Ajay is interested in the management of urban heritage sites and the sustainability of the religious way of life in pre-modern urban settlements in the face of modernization. His research site is the historical Pashupati Area of Kathmandu, Nepal, where he is studying the management and modernization of the Hindu temple of Pashupatinath and its ritual area.

Iti MaloneyIti Maloney-Public Administration and International Affairs MA; FLAS Fellow
Area: India
It's academic focus is on sustainable development in South Asia. She is interested in the relationship between climate change and food and water security. She wants to understand how local, state, and national governments are addressing these problems with the involvement of international organizations. 

Samantha Muffuletto

Samantha Chaudhry-Muffuletto -Anthropology PhD; FLAS Fellow

Area: India, Pakistan and the U.S.
Samantha's research interests include the real life effects of popular and political media representation, structural violence, human rights, and disability studies. Samantha is passionate about studying Hindi and eventually learning the nastaliq (Urdu) script.

Aarti PatelAarti Patel-Religion PhD
Area: India and the U.S.
Aarti's research interests include exploring modes of domestic Hindu worship in the North American diaspora through the lenses of space and place, gender, migration, and politics. 

Raghav PuriRaghav Puri-Public Administration PhD
Area: India
Raghav specializes in social and development policy in South Asia. His research focuses on health and nutrition policy. His dissertation uses mixed methods to study how conditional cash transfer programs impact maternal and child health in India.

Raza Habib Raja-Political Science PhD
Area: Pakistan

TaapsiTaapsi Ramchandani- Anthropology PhD
Area: Trinidad and Tobago
Taapsi's research falls within the realm of civic anthropology and broadly encompasses bureaucracy, collaborative governance, and the modern state. For the past two years, she has been studying local government reform and decentralization in Trinidad and Tobago, and she is interested in the ways in which new collaborations are formed with non-state actors in the name of participatory governance.

Krishna RanawareKrushna Ranaware--Social Science PhD
Area: India
Krushna's research interests include agriculture and food policy, feminist economics and mixed methods research. Before coming to Syracuse, she worked as a research assistant at the Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research, Mumbai, on studies focusing on impact evaluations of workfare programs, and on food security, agriculture and nutrition. Krushna works with Dr. Rebecca Schewe in the Center for Policy Research at Maxwell.

Moushumi ShabnamMoushumi Shabnam-Anthropology PhD
United States and Bangladesh
Title: American Islam: Ethnographic Understanding of Diasporic Bangladeshi Muslims and their Negotiated Identities in New York City During the Post 9/11 Era
Moushumi investigates class, gender, ethnic and family backgrounds, and length of residency in the U.S. in the process of identity construction for the Muslim American immigrants in the post 9/11 U.S.

Jay PrakashJay Sharma--Anthropology PhD
Area: India
Jay is interested in studying indigenous movements in South Asia against land displacement and environmental degradation. His Ph.D. research is aimed at revisiting Adivasi political consciousness in the context of ongoing social movements against mining in Chhattisgarh.  

Prakhar Sharma-Political Science PhD
Area: Afghanistan

Jenna Sikka-Sociology PhD
Area: United States and India
Jenna's areas of interest include international migration and transnationalism, women and gender studies, qualitative methods and South Asia.  Her dissertation project seeks to explore a recent and significant trend among first-generation Indian American families who have had an otherwise 'successful' migration experience in the United States: making a permanent move back to India.   

Taveeshi SinghTaveeshi Singh-Social Science PhD
Area: India
Taveeshi's dissertation research uses combinational methods to explore themes of masculinity, militarization and labor in India.

Ruma Sinha-English PhD

Nimisha ThakurNimisha Thakur-Anthropology PhD
Nimisha's PhD research focuses on how the waterscapes of the Brahmaputra River shape the lives of an indigenous migratory community called the Mising in the region also accounting for the exclusionary citizenship discourse propagated by the state in Northeast India. Nimisha centers her work on community stories among Mising women that bring up questions of gender, sexuality and religion juxtaposed against state discourses of indigeneity in India. 

Alisa WeinsteinAlisa Weinstein-Anthropology PhD
Area: India
Title: Tailor Made in India: Clothing Local and Global Bodies in Jaipur
Alisa's research focuses on the craft and labor of local tailors, making custom clothing for individual customers in rapidly changing, globally informed India. India’s vibrant tailoring practices are a versatile cultural form which relies heavily on the knowledge and participation of an often overlooked, low-paid, and arguably highly creative and influential, human-powered labor force.

Robb WoodruffRobb Woodruff-Public Administration and International Affairs MA; FLAS Fellow
Area: South Asia
Robb is studying economic development in South Asia. After graduation, he would like to work abroad in the financial sector in new and emerging economies, particularly in South Asia.