New Additions to SAC's Media Library

Over the past year, the South Asia Center has added to its media library. Below are the new titles with a brief description of each. For our complete library, see our website,

Jai Bhim Comrade (Anand Patwardhan, 2011): An exploration of caste in India. The documentary begins with the suicide of Vilas Ghogre, a Dalit poet and singer, following the 1997 atrocities against the Dalit community of Ramabai in Maharashtra.

Lord Murugan and South Indian Hinduism (CM Centre for Educational Research 2015): This film shows how South Indian Dravidian civilization has engaged for centuries with Buddhist, Jain and Hindu ideas from northern India, including debates between those who believe in God and those who do not.

Made in India (Rebecca Haimowitz & Vaishali Sinha, 2010): This film charts obstacles faced by the Switzers and presents intimate insights into Aasia's circumstances and motivation, as well as the bigger picture of international surrogacy's legal and ethical implications, global corporate practices, human and reproductive rights, and commodification of the body.

The World Before Her (Nisha Pahuja, 2012): A tale of two Indias. In one, Ruhi Singh is a small-town girl competing in Bombay to win the Miss India pageant. In the other India, Prachi Trivedi is the young, militant leader of a fundamentalist Hindu camp for girls, where she preaches violent resistance to Western culture, Christianity and Islam.