South Asia Center 2013 Newsletter

Spring 2013

Copies of newsletters dating from 1994-2010 are available by request.

From the Director's Desk - 2013

Tula Goenka provides an update on the SAC's events, Hindu/Urdu courses, and festivals.

New Faces at the South Asia Center - 2013

The SAC welcomes Dr. Rashmi Gangamma, Anisha Saxena, and Dr. Lars Rodseth.

2013 NESSA Event Explores Life in a Militarized Zone

The SAC will explore the implications of this militarization from the perspective of average Kashmiris living in the militarized zones.

Bring South Asia to your Classroom!!

Faculty and graduate students from the SAC are available to present on topics of interest which satisfy NY Learning Standards for Social Studies such as: geography, food and dress, family life, et al.

Consortium Conferences Tackle Contemporary Issues in South Asia

The Cornell-Syracuse South Asia Consortium organized conferences in: "Food, Health and Agriculture in South Asia" (Spring 2012) and a "Agrarian Crisis? Seed and State in India" (2013).

Notes From the Field

Jocelyn Killmer and Dan Cheifer, PhD Candidates, talks about their experience in the field.

SANOC Recognizes South Asia-Related Books for Children

The South Asia Book Award, administered by the South Asia National Outreach Consortium (SANOC), is given annually for up to two outstanding works of literature.

SU Expands Study Abroad Opportunities in India

Pitt in the Himalayas, Emory Tibetan Studies Program, and SITA (South Indian Term Abroad) are some of the new opportunities to study abroad in India.

Book Review: Contradictory Lives: Baul Women in India and Bangladesh (Lisa I. Knight, 2011)

Nicole A. Wilson conducts a review on Lisa I. Knight's book.

Transforming the Landscape of Education in Afghanistan 

Amy Friers talks about the opening of Afghanistan's first specialized International Relations University. 

South Asia Center in the Community

The SAC had the honor of participating in a variety of outreach activities, both in local schools and the community.

DIYers Improve Women's Lives in Assam

Deborah Fry talks about her launching of a global social enterprise called "Weaving Destination."

Faculty Updates

Read the latest updates of the South Asia Center's faculty members.

Graduate Students Updates

Read the latest updates of the South Asia Center's graduate students.