South Asia Center 2016 Newsletter

Spring 2016

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From the Director's Desk

Director Susan S. Wadley talks about her first visit to India in four years.

Exploring the Context of Cancer Treatment in India

Professor Van Hollen talks about her research on social and cultural perceptions and practices surrounding cervical and breast cancer screening and treatment programs in low-income communities in South India.

SU Undergrad Gains New Perspective as Research Assistant

Shibani Rathnam, BA '18, talks about her experience visiting different villages and conducting group discussions and hospital visits with Professor Van Hollen.

SU Alum Catalyst for Change in Jaipur

Gracie Kim, BA '14, speaks about her employment at Jaipur Community Awareness Program (JCAP).

The Best Lesson from Maxwell: Learning to Listen

Beau Miller, MAIR '10, talks about the importance of listening skills in his work internationally.

A New Face at the South Asia Center

Lakhan Gusain arrived to the United States shortly before 9/11. After the attacks, he became interested in how linguistics offers perspectives into the field of National Security.

Columna Brings SU Fit Families Program to India

Professor Columna's SU Fit Families Program has been very successful in engaging children with disabilities, their families, and professionals in the field of adapted physical education.

SAC Wishes Uma Sharma Well

The SAC wants to wish Uma Sharma, our subject librarian for many years, on her recent retirement.

Entanglements with Humanity

Stephen Christopher, PhD Candidate in Anthropology, talks about his Fulbright experience in Gaddi.

South Asia Center to Host 2016 ISSI

This year's ISSI will provide educators with tools to internationalize their social studies, English language arts, science, and arts curricula by using schools around the world as the unifying theme. 

Community College Workshop Examines Concept of Diaspora

This workshop provided community college faculty to engage with and incorporate ideas of diaspora and cultural flows into their teaching and research.

Barefoot College Founder, Bunker Roy, to Visit SU in April

Roy will share some of the "barefoot solutions" that have transformed the lives of more than 3 million rural people across 75 countries in the developing world.

Cornell-Syracuse Consortium Announce Spring Symposium

The symposium will center discussions between India and Guatemala in order to negotiate the symbolic and material aspects of the symposium's subject.

New Additions to SAC's Media Library

Read the newest additions of the South Asia Center's media library.

Faculty Updates

Read the latest updates of the South Asia Center's faculty members.