Essays, Articles, and Other Writings

Professor Bharati published a large number of essays and articles. Swami’s writings appear in a number of languages, particularly English and German, and he wrote both for broad audiences and fellow academics, as when he respectively published pieces in such venues as the India-based The Radical Humanist or such international scholarly journals as Sociologus, Contributions to Indian Sociology, History of Religions, and the Journal of Asian Studies.  Below is a list, in chronological order, of Swami’s essays, articles, book chapters, and other short form original writings.

In assembling this list, it has not been possible to collect all of the relevant publication information, and some items are therefore incomplete. If there is a link for the article, the title will be hyperlinked. The third column provides the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC) number, if available. The final column represents the identification number of those items represented in the Bharati Collection as maintained in the Syracuse University Libraries' Special Collections.

Essays, Articles and Other Writings by Professor Bharati.
Year Title or Description Publication Information OCLC Number Archive at Syracuse University
1950 "Some Freaks of Discipleship" Vedanta Kesari ?? Photocopy, Item #1.
1950 "Alma Mater Versus the Pulpit" Vedanta Kesari ?? Photocopy, Item #2.
1950 "A Religion for Skeptics" The Indian Review 51 (5) [May 1950]: 329-333. Photocopy, Item #3.
1952 “Monasticism as a Way of Life.” The Humanist Way 5 (1): 15-26. Photocopy, Item #12.
1952 "Der Indische Wissenshaftliche Kongreß." Universitas? : 1027-1028. Photocopy, Item #22.
1952 “Radhakrishnan and the other Vedanta,” and a reply by Radhakrishnan. In The Philosophy of Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, edited by Paul Arthur Schilpp, 461-479 and 814-820. The Library of Living Philosophers. Tudor Publishing Company: New York. 799780549 Photocopy, Item #10.
1952 “The Metamorphosis of Esthetic Value in India.” The Radical Humanist [28th September 1952]: 459-460, 475-476. Photocopy, Item #11.
1953 “Bericht uber die philosophische Situation in heutigen Indien.” (Credited as Swami Agehananda) Zeitschrift für philosophische Forschung 7 (3): 446-453.   Photocopy, Item #16.
1953 “Our Ancient Sculptures—Are They Obscene?” The Radical Humanist Volume 17 18th October: 497-498.  Photocopy, Item #18.
1953 “On Heroism.” The Radical Humanist 16 (14-15) [5th April 1953?] 171-172, 177. Photocopy, Item # 19.
1953 “Speech at Mandakkad, March 6th 1953;” “Synopsis of the two subsequent speeches at Mandakkad, on March 7th and March 8th, 1953;” “Speech at Mandakkad, March 9th, 1953;” and “Speech at Mandakkad, March 10th, 1953.”  In Hyndava Mathamahasammelanam Mandakyade, 107-112, 112-120, 120-124, and 124-129.  Photocopy, Item #20A.
1954 “Der 28 indische Philosophenkongreß.” Universitas: Zeitschrift fur Wissenschaft, Kunst und Literatur 9 (4): 435-436. Photocopy, Item #21.
1954 “The Marvels of Mysore: Belur and Halebid.” Tourist News March 1954: 29-32. Photocopy, Item #25.
1954 “Dogmatism and Our Time.” In Dinamani Supplement, 4. Quilon (Kerala): ?.  Photocopy, Item #27.
1955 “Lebensregeln und Yoga-Meditation im indischen Monchstum.”
Universitas ???:  1177-1185. [Special Issue on India] Photocopy, Item #29.
1955 “Das Studium der Philosophie an den indischen Universitäten.” Zeitschrift für philosophische Forschung 9 (1): 128-132. Photocopy, Item #32.
1955 “Philosophy East and West: differences in method and results.” Quest (A Bi-Monthly of Arts and Ideas) 1 (2): 29-36. [Bombay] Photocopy, Item #35.
1955 "The Monastic Manifesto." The Radical Humanist [10th April] 179, 188 Photocopy, Item #36.
1955 "On My Monastic Myth A Reply to Mrs. Barnard." The Radical Humanist 12th June: 284, 287. Photocopy, Item #37.
1955 "The Status of the Individual in Indian Thought." The Radical Humanist 23rd October: 499-500, 504 Photocopy, Item #38.
1955 “Radical Humanism and Western Philosophy.” The Radical Humanist 23rd January 1955: 51-52, 56. Photocopy, Item #57A and Item #563.
1955 Der indische Philosophenkongreß.” Zeitschrift für philosophische Forschung 9 (3): 557-564.
1956 “A Mystic’s Epistle.” Topolski’s Chronicle 4 (7-8): 67-68. Photocopy, Item #58.
1956 "Report on Thailand"
Universitas ???: 881-882. Photocopy, Item #59.
1956 “A Note on Budddhist Logic.”
Vishva Jyoti (Buddha-Ank Buddha-Issue): 120-XXX. Photocopy, Item #60.
1956 "Saffron Robes and Joie de Vivre" Quest 1 (5): ??-??. [Bombay] & Narendrapur Newsletter No 8:  1-3. Two photocopies, one of each version, Item #61.
1957 “Indian Thought Viewed From a Western Standpoint-A Study in Comparative Method (I & II),” Japanese Translation. The Journal of Philosophical Studies The Tetsugaku Kenkyu 39 (6 & 7): ?? Item #65.
1957 “The Changing Face of Japan: some recent impressions.” Quest (A Bi-Monthly of Arts and Ideas) 2 (6): 26-31. [Bombay] Photocopy, Item #70.
1958 “Die geistigen Krafte Asiens in der Krise der Gegenwart.” Universitas: Zeirschrift fur Wissenchaft, Kunst und Literatur 13 (6): 561-572. Photocopy, Item #72.
1959 "The Dalai Lama and Buddhism" The Radical Humanist 12th July: 318; The Radical Humanist 22nd November: 555; The Radical Humanist 17th April: 195. Photocopy, Item #78, Item #82, Item #94.
1960 “Mahatma Gandhi.” Universitas: Zeirschrift fur Wissenchaft, Kunst und Literatur
 15 (11)1167-1175.
Photocopy of offprint, Item #99.
1960 Concerning Dr. Albert Schweitzers Universitas 15 (1): 23-24. Photocopy, Item #85.
1960 “Jeopardy to Scholastic Pursuits.” Maral Vol 2A (5): 76-79. Photocopy, Item #97.
“Tagore and the Hindu Renaissance.”
The Radical Humanist 25 (15-16) [9th April]: 181-182.
25th Anniversary volume, 100th birth anniversary of Tagore
Photocopy of offprint, Item #102.
1961 “Gandhi and Buddhist Atheism.” Gandhi Marg 18 (5): 125-130. [Labeled by hand as April 1961] Photocopy, Item #106.
1961 “Daryashastra evam Ravindra ka Darshan.” Vishva-Jyoti [July] ??: 19-23. [Hoshiyarpur] Photocopy, Item #109.
1961 "Aesthetical Doctrine and the Philosophy of Tagore" In The Tagore Centenary Volume, 1-7. Hoshiarpur: V. Vedic Research Institute. 2145664 Photocopy, Item #110.
1961 Intentional Language in the Tantras.” Journal of the American Oriental Society 81 (3): 261-270. Photocopy, Item #119.
1961 “Integrating Indian Society” "Education of Tribals in Inida: A Rejoinder to DeMeulder" Quest 31?: ?? Photocopy, Item #108.
1962 “’Spiritual’ vs. ‘Materialistic’ –I: A Corrective Analysis.” Thought 14 (12) [March 24th] : 12-14. [Delhi] Complete Issue, Item #124.
1962 “Albert Schweitzers Denken in indischer Sicht.” In Albert Schweitzer: Sein Denken und Sein Weg, edited by H. W. Bahr, 48-57. Tubingen: J. C. B. Mohr. 7897615 Offprint, Item #118. See Item #140A.
1962 “The Ochre Robe : A Discussion," also entitled “The Swami and the Critic”(with David McCutchion). Bharati’s contributions are entitled, “In Defence of the Robe” and “The Last Word.” Writers Workshop: A Miscellany of Creative Writing #11 [May-August]: 47-55. Photocopy of Complete Discussion, Item #133.
1962 "Esthetical Norm and Value Modification in Modern India." Volume One in Indian Renaissance Institute’s Essays and Monographs Series. Calcutta: Renaissance Publishers Private Limited. 5375352 Photocopy, Item #116.
1962 “Recent Reflections on Roy.” The Radical Humanist Vol 26 (12-14) [April 4th]: 151-152. [Silver Jubilee Number] Photocopy, Item #123.
1962 “Modern Hindu Exegesis of Mahayana Doctrine.” Philosophy East and West 12 (1): 19-28. Photocopy, Item #125.
1962 “The Mind-body Dichotomy and Psycho-somatic Syndromes in Modern India.” Thought Volume 4 Number 45: 13-14. Photocopy, Item #132.
1962 “Nationalism and Humanism: Two Incompatible –isms.” The Radical Humanist (formerly Independent India) 26 (32-33) [15th August]: 381-382, 400. Photocopy, Item #134.
1962 “Medical Research and Disease Apprehension: Patterns in Cross-Cultural Perspective.” The Cancer Relief Society Souvenir Volume, edited by K. G. Thankama, 101-105. Ernakulam: The Cancer Relief Society. Photocopy, Item #140.
1962 Review of Bharati's work by David McCutchion. The Radical Humanist 23rd December: 597-598,602.  Photocopy, Item #143.
1962 “Cultural Criticism as a Tool for Social Studies.” Quest: An Adventure of Ideas Vol 33 [April/June]: 15-22. [Bombay] Stapled Offprint, Item #122.
1963 “Cultura y etica: Un analisis critic del pensamient schweitzeriano y humanistico.” Folia Humanistica: Ciencias Artes Letras 1(6): 535-540. Bound Offprint, Item #151.
1963 “Paralelismos sincretisticos: un metodo heuristic (segunda parte).” Folia Humanistica: Ciencias Artes Letras 1(2) [February]: 152-159. Complete Issue, Item #141.
1963 “The Sino-Indian Border Situation and the Indian Student in America.” The Radical Humanist 27 (3-5) [25th January]: 31-32, 36. Complete issue, Item #142.
1963 “Cultura y Etica: Un Analaisi critic del pensamiento schweitzeriano y humanistico.” See #151. Folia Humanistica: Ciencias Artes Letras 1 (6) [June]: 535-54. Complete Issue, Item #310.
1963 “China, Cuba and Conflict: Ideology versus Intellect”
Gandhi Marg 7 (4): 1-4. Offprint, Item #160.
1963 "Attitudes of Hindu Scholars and Nationalists Toward Pre-Nazi germany and the Reaction Toward the Third Reich" and "Cultural Stagnation and the Transitional Situation." Abstracts. Association for Asian Studies 15th Annual Meeting, Abstracts. 8, 22. Photocopy, Item # 565.
1963 “Tongue Tide,” being a letter in response to the Newseek article of April 29th entitled, “Battle of Babel.” Newsweek 61 (19) May 13th: 11, 14. Photocopy, Item #148.
1963 “Pilgrimage in the Indian Tradition.” History of Religions 3 (1): 135-167. Photocopy, Item #155.
1963 “Cultural Hurdles in Development Administration.”
In Development Administration: Problems and Concepts, edited by Irving Swerdlow, 68-84. Syracuse, NY: Syracuse University Press. 8523840 Photocopy, Item #156.
1963 Letter in response to “Sad Week for Mme. Nhu,” Newsweek November 25th 1963. 2, 8. Newsweek November 25th 1963. 2, 8. Photocopy, Item #158.
1963 “Kinship Term Avoidance and Substitution in North Indian Middle Class Milieux.” Sociologus (New Series) 13 (2): 112-120. Photocopy, Item #159.
1964 “Paz mundial: Analisis de una posibilidad.” Folia Humanistica: Ciencias Artes Letras 2 (15): 209-215. Bound Offprint, Item #170.
1964 “The Indians in East Africa: a survey of problems of transition and adaption.” Sociologus (New Series) 14 (2): 169-177. Bound Offprint, Item #173.
1964 “Sybolik der Beruhrung in der hinduistisch-duddhustischen Vorstellungswelt” Studium Generale 17 (10): 609-620. Bound Offprint, Item #178.
1964 “Love, Miscegenation and Anthropology.”  Transition No. 17: 14-18. Complete Issue, Item #179.
1964 “Problems of the Asian Minorities in East Africa.” Pakistan Horizon 17 (4): 342-349.   Complete Issue, Item #187.
1964 "What is Sanatana Dharma?" Shree Sanatan Dharam Sabha Sports Club "Professor Bharati Number", 47-51. Photocopy, Item # 569.
1964 Abstract for paper, “Possession and Divination among Lohana Hindus in East Africa.” American Anthropological Association Abstracts: 6. Photocopy, Item #172.
1964 “A Contemporary Interpretation of Ahimsa.” In Gandhi: His Relevance for Our Times, edited by G. Ramachandran and T. K. Mahadevan, 1-9. Bombay: Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. 511872 Stapled Offprint, Item #177.
1964 “Political Pressures and Reactions in the Asian Minority in East Africa.” In Race Relation in East Africa, written by A. Bharati, James Lewton Brain, and George J. Moutafakis, 1-8. Occasional Paper Number 12. Program of Eastern African Studies. Syracuse: Maxwell Graduate School of Citizenship and Public Affairs. 1080268 Typed Manuscript, Item #176.
1965 “Prospects of Secularism in India.” In Jawaharlal Nehru: A Critical Tribute, edited by A. B. Shah, 86-91. Bombay: Manaktalas. 967662 Bound Offprint, Item #193.
1965 "Shakta and Vajrayana - Their Place in Indian Thought"  Studies of Esoteric Buddhism and Tantrism. Koyasan University: Koya, Japan. Bound Offprint, Item #203.
1965 "Patterns of Identification among the East African Indians." Sociologus (New Series) 15 (2): 128-142 Bound Offprint, Item #204.
1965 "The Philosophical Potential of Indian Esotericism" Volume 5 of Indian Renaissance Institute Essays and Mongraphs. Bombay: Manaktalas. 78027056 Bound, Item #202.
1965 “The Contribution of Hinduism to the Modern World.” Wells Express: Wells College Bulletin 51 (5) [January 1965]: 16-18. Complete Issue, Item #180.
1965 “Humanism ‘and’ Religion: The Problem of Communication.” The Radical Humanist 29(39-40) 26th September 1965 [Autumn Special-Humanism & Religion]: 459-460. Complete Issue, Item #197.
1965 “Fringe Reference and Non-Commitment.” Writers Workshop Miscellany May-June 1965 (Special Eliot Number) Offprint, Item #186.
1965 “Indo-African Cultural Ties.” India News 15 (4) [25th March 1965]: 2. Original Newsprint, Item #190.
1965 “Interpretation of Deflective Parlance in India-Paradigms for the Ethnography of Communication.” Paper for 66th Annual Meeting of American Anthropological Association, Denver, November 1965. Photocopy of Manuscript, Item #196.
1965 “The Asian Entrepreneur in East Africa: “Access” and Decay in Emergent Nationalism.” Unpublished Manuscript, Item #205.
1966 "El Significado de la antropologia a ambos lados del Atlantico." Folia Humanistica: Ciencias Artes Letras 4 (43/44): 589-597. Bound Offprint, Item #218.
1966 "Gesellschaft fur die Erforschung des Buddhismus" Universias 21 (4): ?? Item #211.
1966 "The Unwanted Elite of East Africa" Trans-Action 3 (5): 37-41. Photocopy, Item #215.
1966 Abstract for paper, "The Decline of Teknonymy in India: Changing Patterns of Husband-Wife Appellation." American Anthropological Assocation 65th Annual Meeting, Abstracts: 6. Photocopy, Item #224.
1967 "M. N. Roy, Narcissism, and the Anomic Theme in India." The Radical Humanist 31 (4/5) [25th January]: 37-38. Complete Issue, Item #230 and #231.
1967 "M. N. Roy, Narcissism, and the Anomic Theme in India." The Radical Humanist 31 (4/5) [25th January]: 37-38. Complete Issue, Item #231.
1967 "The Sadhu's Jargon: A Note on Anti-Intellectualism. Thought 19 (4) [Saturday 28]: 11-12. Complete Issue, Item #232.
“Pilgrimage Sites and Indian Civilization.”
In Chapters in Indian Civilization: A Handbook of Readings to Accompany the Civilization of India Syllabus, edited by Joseph W. Elder, 83-126. Madison: Dept. of Indian Studies, University of Wisconsin  8984843 Offprint, Item #328.
1967 "Ideology and Content of Caste among the Indians in East Africa" In Caste in Overseas Indian Communities, edited by Barton M. Schwartz, 283-320. Chandler Publications in Anthropology and Sociology. San Francisco: Chandler Pub. Co. / Chicago: Science Research Associates.  262077 Photocopy, Item #233.
1967 "LSD Defended" Vancouver Sun, Letters to the Editor, 2/6/1967 Photocopy, Item #243.
1968 “Culture and Cultures: A Linguistic Approach.” Akten des XIV. Internationalen Kongresses fur Philosophie. (Wien 2-9 September 1968) Wien: Herder. Offprint, Item #301.
1968 "Great Tradition" and "Little Traditions": An Anthropological View of Eastern Societies In Anthropological Backgrounds of Adult Education, edited by Sol Tax, Stanley Diamond, Lee Rainwater, William Mangin, and Agehahnanda Bharati, 72-94. Boston: Center for the Study of Liberal Education for Adults, Boston University 521987 Photocopy, Item #255.
1968  “Linguistica Antroplogica y Antropologia Linguistica." Folia Humanistica: Ciencias Artes Letras Volume 6, Number 65 [May]: 403-417. Photocopy, Item #256.
1969 “The Integration of Behavioral Sciences." Humanist Review 1 (1) [January/March]: 7-31. Complete Issue, Item #302.
1969 “References to Tibet in Medieval Indian Literary Documents.” The Tibet Society Bulletin 3: 46-70. Photocopy, Item #299.
1969 “Revivalist Movements within Religions.” The Sunday Post [November 23rd, Guru Nanak Supplement]: Page 16?. [Nairobi, Mombasa?; from ads] Photocopy, Item #311.
1970 “A Social Survey.” In Portrait of a Minority: Asians in East Africa, edited by Dharam P Ghai and Yash P. Ghai, 15-67. Nairobi: Oxford University Press. 422224 Bound Offprint, Item #189.
1970 "Gandhi’s Interpretation of the Gita: an Anthropological Analysis." In Gandhi, India and the World, edited by Sibnarayan Ray, 57-70. Philadelphia: Temple University Press. 106008 Offprint, Item #327.
1970 The Use of ‘Superstition’ as an Anti-Traditional Device in Urban Hinduism.” Contributions to Indian Sociology (New Series) 4 (December): 36-49. Offprint, Item #337.
1970 “A Somewhat Radical Introduction to Hindi Movies—(to ease potential culture-shock at the India Film Festival). The Indian Film Festival, April 13th, 20th, 27th, and May 4th, Gifford Auditorium. Original Printing, Item #321.
“The Hindu Renaissance and its Apologetic Patterns.”
The Journal of Asian Studies 29 (2): 267-287. Stapled Offprint, Item #319 .
1971 “Bharati Whom Bharat Could Not Take.”  Illustrated Weekly of India 92 (2 &3) [January 10th and January 17th]: 6-11 and 50-54?. Photocopy, Item # 568.
1971 “Anthropological Approaches to the Study of Religion: Ritual and Belief Systems.” Biennial Review of Anthropology Vol 7: 230-282. Photocopy, Item #349.
1972 “In Memoriam David McCutcheon." Miscellany (April). David McCutcheon Memorial Volume edited P. Lal. Page 5-? Offprint, Item #351.
1972 “Hinduism and Modernization.” In Religion and Change in Contemporary Asia, edited by Robert F. Spencer, 67-104. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press.  129464 Photocopy, Item #341.
1972 “Analisis Antropologico con Enfoque Cultural de la Sexualidad Humana.” Folia Humanistica: Ciencias Artes Letras 10 (114 and 115-116) [June and July/August]: 505-515 and 649-662. Photocopy, Item #352.
1973 “Hindus Ignorant of Hinduism - Phoney Swamis Abroad.” The Illustrated Weekly of India [March 18th]: 22-27. Photocopy, Item #362.
1973 “Hinduism, Psychotherapy, and the Human Predicament.” In Religious Systems and Psychotherapy, edited by Richard Cox, 167-179. Springfield, Illinois: Thompson. 814437 Photocopy, Item #369.
1973 “Serendipity Suddenly Armed the 1971 Sri Lanka Insurgence.” Quest (Incorporating Humanist Review) Number 80 [January-February]: 35-45. Stapled Offprint, Item #361.
1974 “Monasticism,” being an entry in the 15th edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica. Encyclopedia Britannica 15th Edition, M, 335-343. Photocopy of offprint, Item #375.
1974 “Separate Realities: Sense and (mostly) Nonsense.” See #412. Paper read in the Rhine-Swanton Symposium of Parapsychology and Anthropology at the 73rd Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association. Mexico City, November 23rd, 1974. Photocopy of Typed Manuscript, with some editing by hand, Item #377. See Item #412.
1974 “The Language of Modern Hinduism: Cognitive Models and Ethnoscientific Analysis.” In Religious Ferment in Asia, edited by Robert J. Miller, 81-101. Lawrence: The University Press of Kansas. 673420 Photocopy, Item #370.
1974 “Fictitious Tibet: The Origin and Persistence of Rampaism.” The Tibet Society Bulletin 7: 1-11. Photocopy, Item #371.
1974 “Hare Krishna vs. Shiva Shiva.” The Illustrated Weekly of India [March 17th]: 32-33. Photocopy, Item #372.
1974 “The Ontological Status of Psychic Phenomena in Hinduism and Buddhism." In Parapsychology and Anthropology: Proceedings of an International Conference held in London, U.K., August 29-31, 1973, edited by Allan Angoff and Diana Barth, 29-31. New York: Parapsychology Foundation. 1206232 Photocopy, Item #376.
1975 “Ernest Becker,” being an obituary. Maxwell News and Notes 10 (1) [Spring 1975]: 10. Photocopy, Item #383.
1975 “The Future (if any) of Tantrism.” Loka, edited by Rick Fields, 126-130. New York: Anchor Books. 1527320 Photocopy, Item #385.
1976 "Introduction" In The Realm of the Extra-Human,  edited by Agehananda Bharati, 1-13.  The Hague: Mouton / Chicago: Aldine. 557703534 Bound Offprint, Item #396.
1976 "Techniques of Control in Esoteric Traditions of India and Tibet" In The Realm of the Extra-Human Volume II: Ideas and Actions, edited by Agehananda Bharati, 89-99. The Hague: Mouton / Chicago: Aldine. 557703534 Bound Offprint, Item #399.
1976 “The Himalayas as a Culture Area: A Novel Methodological Perspective." Main Currents in Indian Sociology, edited by Giri Raj Gupta, 99-116. New Delhi: Vikas Publishing House. 11560622 Photocopy of Offprint, Item #390.
1976 “Sadhuization - An Indian Paradigm for Political Mobilization.”
Aspects of Political Mobilization in South Asia, edited by Robert I. Crane,  South Asian Series No1. Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs. Syracuse University. 2074296 Photocopy, Item #393.
1976 “Monastic and Lay Buddhism in the 1971 Sri Lanka Insurgency." Journal of Asian and African Studies 11 (1-2): 102-112. Special Number on Religion and Social Conflict in South Asia, edited by Bardwell. L. Smith. Photocopy, Item #394.
1976 “Making Sense out of Tantrism and Tantrics." In LOKA 2, edited by Rick Fields, 52-55. New York: Anchor Books. 2349580 Photocopy, Item #395.
1976 “Monastic and Lay Buddhism in the 1971 Sri Lanka Insurgency." Journal of Asian and African Studies 11 (1-2): 102-112. Special Number on Religion and Social Conflict in South Asia, edited by Bardwell. L. Smith. Stapled Offprint, Item #386 & #394.
1976 “Ritualistic Tolerance and Ideological Rigour: The Paradigm of the Expatriate Hindus in East Africa.” Contributions to Indian Sociology (New Series) 10 (2): 317-339. Stapled Offprint, Item #407.
1977 “Las minorias hispanicas en Norteamerica. Informe Cultural Anthropologico” (The Hispanic Monorities in North America: A Cultural Anthropological Report). Folia Humanistica: Ciencias Artes Letras. Vol 15 Number 170: 93-103. Photocopy, Item #405.
1977 “Separate Realities: Sense and (mostly) Nonsense.” In Extrasensory Ecology: Parapsychology and Anthropology, edited by Joseph K. Long, 12-27. Metuchen, New Jersey: The Scarecrow Press, Inc. 4835608 Photocopy, Item #412. See Item #377.
1977 “Broad, Noeticness, and other Guentheriana.” Kailash: A Journal of Himalayan Studies (A Festschrift for Guenther). Typed Manuscript and Copy of Article, Item #409.
1978 “Text and Context: Collaboration or Collision?” Anthro Advocate [January] 4 (2): 13-14. Complete Issue and Photocopy, Item #422.
1978 Various book reviews and editorial comments. The Tibet Society Bulletin 12  Photocopy of Complete Issue, Item #417.
1978 “Psychological Approaches to Indian Studies: More Cons than Pros.” The Indian Review 1 (1) [Autumn]: 71-75. Photocopy, Item #423.
1978 Foreword to H. Daniel Smith’s The Smith Agama Collection: Sanskrit Books and Manuscripts relating to Pancaratra Studies (A Descriptive Catalog). In The Smith Agama Collection: Sanskrit Books and Manuscripts relating to Pancaratra Studies (A Descriptive Catalog), by H. Daniel Smith, vii-viii. South Asia Special Publications 2: Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs. Syracuse University. 3892400 Photocopy, Item #426.
1978 "Actual and Ideal Himalayas: Hindu Views of the Mountains" In Himalayan Anthropology: The Indo-Tibetan Interface, edited by James F. Fisher, 77-82. The Hague: Mouton / Chicago: Aldine. 4885118 Stapled Offprint, Item #398.
1979 “True and False Prophets of Today’s Hinduism.” Accompanied by letters written in response. Asia ?? (November-December) : 4-7, 36. Photocopy, Item #446.
1979 “Tibetan Buddhism in America: The Late Seventies.” The Tibet Journal 4 (3) 3-11. Photocopy, Item #447.
1979 “Religion for the Thinking Person.” New Delhi 2(14) [29th October]: 69-74 Photocopy, Item #448.
1979 “Sab Azad Sab Barbad: Indian Parents and their American Children." The Illustrated Weekly of India 100 (32) [November 11th]: 27-31. Photocopy, Item #449.
1979 “Systemic Dissimulation in Modern Indian Religious Parlance" In Proceedings of the First International Symposium on Asian Studies, 1979, 769-784. Hong Kong: Asian Research Service. Photocopy, Item #450.
1979 “Cats, Brunches, and the Open Society –Memories of Mohini Road.” In The World Her Village: Selected Writings and Letters of Ellen Roy with an ‘in memoriam’ section, edited by Sibnarayan Ray, 101-108. Calcutta: Ananada Publishers Private LTD. 7740021 Photocopy, Item #459.
1980 “Indian Expatriates in North America and the Neo-Hindu Movements.” In The Communication of Ideas,[International Congress of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences (ICAES), Delhi 1978] edited by J. S. Yadava and Vinayshil Gautam, 245-255. New Delhi: Concept Publishing Company.
11343923 Photocopy of Contributor Copy, Item #464.
1980 “Uttari America vic Bharati Parvasi Ate Nava Hindu Andolan” (Punjabi translation of “Indian Expatriates in North American and the Neo-Hindu Movements” presented at the Xth International Congress) (In Gurumukhi) Khoj Darpan 7 (13): 174-184. Photocopy, Item #457.
1980 Letter to editor in response to “Hare Krishna kids.” Life June 1980: 16. Photocopy, Item #458.
1980 “Castaneda and His Apologists: A Dual Mystical Fantasy.” In The Don Juan Papers - Further Casteneda Controversies, edited by Richard de Mille, 147-150. Santa Barbara: Ross-Erikson. 6042759 Photocopy, Item #463.
1980 “Springing Tiger to Himalayan Rishi: The Persistence of the Netaji Bose Legend.” New Quest 21 [May-June]: 147-153. Stapled Offprint, Item #462.
1981 “Update Interview: Agehanda Bharati.” Update: A Quarterly Journal on New Religious Movements  5 (3/4): 2-18. Photocopy, Item # 588.
1981 “The Guru Industry." Hindustan Times and Overseas Hindustan Times 27 (12): 7-9. Photocopy, Item #474.
1981 “Bose and the German Indian National Army: An Unexplored Chapter” (article) and “Discussion: Bose and the German INA” (letters from readers and Bharati published following the article; additional newspaper matieral in Bengali) New Quest March-April 1981 and November-December 1981 Photocopy, Item #475.
1981 "Kundalini." In Abingdon Dictionary of Living Religions, edited by Keith Crim, 420. Nashville: Abingdon. 7271952 Photocopy, Item #476.
1981 "Tantrism." In Abingdon Dictionary of Living Religions, edited by Keith Crim, 734-738. Nashville: Abingdon. 7271952 Photocopy, Item #477.
1981 “The Meaning of a Hindu Temple in the Diaspora.” The Newsletter of the Hindu Temple Society of the Capital District, New York. Number 5. 7 page supplement. Photocopy, Item #481.
1981 “Karma: Cognition and Behavior in Contemporary South Asian Religion.” International Journal of Asian Studies 1: 9-20. Photocopy, Item #481A.
1981 “Holy Guests and Worldly Natives: Hindu Monasteries in the Kumaon Region.” Proceedings of the Third International Symposium on Asian Studies, 1981, 725-737. Hong Kong: Asian Research Service. Photocopy, Item #488.
1982 “Hindu Scholars, Germany, and the Third Reich.” Update: A Quarterly Journal on New Religious Movements 6 (3): 44-52  Photocopy, Item # 587, Item #181.
1982 “Dharm ki bat: Dr. Bharati ke sath” (A Matter of Religion: with Dr. Bharati). In Surya India 3 (4): 11-12. See #489. Surya India 3 (4): 11-12. Photocopy, Item #485 & #489.
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