Algebra of Water, The


Reserve Algebra of Water, The

Producer: Moving Images
Director: Sanjay Barnela & Vasant Saberwal
Year Released: 2004
Format: VHS
Copies Available: 1
Length: 48 minutes
Color Format: Black and White


In India, the children of the rich attend parties in artificial blizzards and monsoons, and the town cars of the urban elite are washed daily, while the poor scratch out a living from cracked, water-starved earth and wells run dry through the countryside. “These things look good only on television,” a teen says after a rain dance party, “things about economy and saving water and all that.” But as massive dams channel water and electricity to the cities while millennia-old river-dependent communities find themselves either edited out of the water’s path or drowned in it, the landscape of water politics in India has become a man-made crisis. ID:SA81