Cave Temples of India, The


Reserve Cave Temples of India, The

Producer: Tom Bender
Director: Fire River Press
Year Released: 2004
Format: DVD
Copies Available: 1
Length: 65 minutes
Color Format: Black and White


The Cave Temples of India may seem an unlikely place to research the future of 21st century physics, economics or political science. But embodied there in stone temples and sculptures more than 1500 years old is a knowledge of how our universe operates that dwarfs our present comprehension and opens the door for our culture’s next stage of growth. Even more, these temples give operative demonstration of powerful and effective ways to work with that knowledge for our own health, wisdom, and well-being, and that of all Creation. The sculptures in these temples employ an unlikely palette of tools – empowered geometry, intention, passion, stillness, and coherence – all means of working through the realms of life-force energy (chi or prana). These design elements enable the sculptures to act as sophisticated tools for chakra meditation, for healing, for direct connection with the sacred and other consciousness, and for accessing understanding of how our universe operates. Quantum physics led to our acknowledgement of the instantaneous interconnectedness and consciousness of all Creation. Indian science explains, and these temples demonstrate, its significance in how the universe works. Adding the realms of life-force energy to our understanding of physics is giving powerful transformation to it, to our other sciences, and to the culture we build upon them. ID: SA152