Modern Brides: Arranged Marriage in South India


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Producer: University of Wisconsin, Madison
Year Released: 1985
Format: VHS
Copies Available: 1


This film describes two marriages that occur in Mysore, South India in 1983, within middle-class Brahmin communities. The parents of Vinuta (a secretary) and Lokesh (a technician in a tire factory) arranged an entirely "traditional" marriage, complete with dowry and horoscope-matching. The parents of Geetha (a medical student) and Raghu (a fellow doctor) were informed by the two that they wished to marry each other (i.e. to have a love marriage). The parents then proceeded with the marriage arrangements as though it were a "traditional" marriage. Through interviews with the bride, the groom, their parents and other members of their families one learns the important ingredients of a "good marriage," which include the families' reputations and the willingness of all parties to adjust to the new circumstance. ID:SA9