Munni: Childhood and Art in Mithila


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Format: VHS
Copies Available: 1
Length: 30 minutes
Color Format: Color


The life of Munni (meaning "little girl"), an 11-year-old growing up in the village of Jitwarpur, in the Mithila-speaking region of northeastern India. For many years, women in this region painted ceremonial designs on the walls and floors of their homes. We watch Munni eating breakfast, going to school with her friends, fetching water in a bucket, grinding rice for flour-paste floor designs, and learning those skills that may enable her, someday, to be a Mithila artist: watching her "older sister" Leela paint the figures from a Mithila legend onto a piece of paper, observing her grandmother prepare a clay elephant for Leela's wedding and learning to create art objects from yarn and grass. The film concludes with the first hair-cutting ceremony of Munni's little cousin. With warmth and intimacy, the film captures the ties -- as well as the differences -- between the lives of Munni, her "older sister," and her grandmother. ID:SA14