Of Bards And Beggars


Reserve Of Bards And Beggars

Producer: Shweta Kishore and Yask Desai
Director: Kishore-Desai
Year Released: 2002
Format: VHS
Copies Available: 1
Length: 32 minutes
Color Format: Color


The Pabuji prayer ritual (Jaagran) is particular to Rajasthan, India, and it consists of an all night epic recitation by a folk musician and singer. The jaagran recounts the legend and deeds of a folk deity called Pabuji who is a protector of livestock. The audience for the recitation is almost exclusively livestock herders themselves. The film goes on to discuss the decline of the ritual due to changing economic and social conditions of both the musicians and the audience. Finally, the documentary shows the new milieu in which the musicians are performing, namely that of the hospitality and tourist industry. ID:SA118