Sixteen Decisions


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Producer: Gayle Ferraro
Format: VHS
Copies Available: 1
Length: 59 minutes
Color Format: Color


A Documentary about women in rural Bangladesh. As the documentary unfolds, the viewer is inadvertently involved in the current-day discussion on international development, which includes issues of micro-credit, social equity, cultural survival and access to reproductive and health care. While covering these important and meaningful topical issues, the real power of "Sixteen Decisions'" is in the depiction of Selina's everyday life. Selina, 18, is like most rural Bangladeshi housewives. She was a child laborer at 7 because her parents were too poor to feed her. Her parents arranged her marriage at 12 and sold their land for dowry, leaving themselves as beggars when her father lost his eyesight. Selina's family is not unique. As Dr. Yunus says in the film, "dowry is a killer in Bangladesh," as families sell their meager possessions to raise money for a dowry. Weaving in and out of the past, present and future we learn that with a $60 loan Selina has a rickshaw business-and hopes. ID:SA97