Afghanistan Today: A Round Table Discussion

On Tuesday, October 27th at 4PM, a round table discussion will take place via Zoom where panelists will discuss the opportunities and challenges for governance and civil society in Afghanistan today, including on-going peace talks, reconstruction, urbanization, and education, particularly in and around Kabul. This event is co-sponsored by the Central Asia and Caucasus Research Group.

Panelists will include:

Sohrob Aslamy

Sohrob Aslamy is a PhD student in the Department of Geography and the Environment at Syracuse University. His research explores urban development in Kabul, Afghanistan to better understand state-society relations in the country’s capital.

Akbar Quraishi

Akbar Quraishi ’09 BA (IR)/’11 MAIR is a First Secretary at the Embassy of Afghanistan, covering political and security issues. He joined the Afghan government in 2002 following the collapse of the Taliban.

Farishta Sakhi

Farishta Sakhi a PhD candidate at Carter School of Conflict Resolution at George Mason University. Before joining GMU, Sakhi’s worked for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Afghanistan serving as a senior diplomat and a member of the leadership team of the ministry.


The discussion will be moderated by Amy Friers ’11 BA (PSc)/’17 MAIR. She lived and worked in Afghanistan for five years during which she was part of the team that created the University of Afghanistan, where she served as Vice-Chancellor and professor. She currently works with Team Afghan Power, a charity focused on using renewable energy to improve educational outcomes in rural Afghanistan.

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