Alisa Weinstein & Surendra Singh Shekhawat to Present: From Cloth to Clothing: The Art of Tailors in Jaipur

On Tuesday, November 13th the South Asia Center is pleased to welcome Alisa Weinstein & Surendra Singh Shekhawat as they present on their year-long fieldwork and on-going collaboration From Cloth to Clothing: The Art of Tailors in Jaipur. Their research focuses on the aesthetic standards and problem solvingWeinstein Headshot strategies of tailors, the values that tailors infuse in the producing of clothing, and how tailors see their work in relation to fashion designers and readymade clothing in rapidly changing, fast-paced globally informed India. Tailors in Jaipur, as clothing makers but not fashion designers or boutique owners, receive little, if any, praise or credit for doing creative and innovative work.  But what happens when a customer gives over a dozen tailors essentially the same locally sourced cloth and asks them each to make custom clothing of their own design? This talk highlights the expanse of tailors' art forms practiced within the constraints of pleasing their customers. It also explores the deeper limitations tailors face, rooted in the power dynamics of gender, class, and education differences, as well as the fear of economic risk-taking.

Alisa Weinstein is a PhD candidate in the Department of Anthropology at Syracuse University. Surendra Singh Shekhawat is a field researcher in Jaipur, India with a master’s degree in Anthropology from the University of Rajasthan.

The presentation will take place at 12:30pm in 100 Eggers Hall and is open to all. We hope that you'll join us!