Dimitar Gueorguiev to Discuss Turning Out in India: Testing the Anti-Incumbency Hypothesis

Dimitar GueorguievOn Tuesday, February 28th, the South Asia Center is pleased to host Dimitar Gueorguiev to discuss Turning Out in India: Testing the Anti-Incumbency Hypothesis. Dimitar Gueorguiev is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Syracuse University. The lecture will take place in 341 Eggers Hall at 12:30PM.

Gueorguiev will discuss how studies of congressional elections in the United States suggest that high voter turnout is usually a bad sign for incumbents. In this study, Gueorguiev examines the pattern on parliamentary elections in India where staggered election schedules allow us to disentangle turnout from election outcomes. Taking advantage of election timing across different states he shows that high turnout significantly reduces the likelihood that an incumbent candidate is elected and that this effect is more pronounced in elections occurring later in the election schedule.